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Cage Titans 59: Live play-by-play

Updated: May 27, 2023

Travis Lizotte "Full Contact Writer"

We are live at Plymouth Memorial Hall for quite possibly the biggest fight card in the building's history; Cage Titans 59: Hylton v. Battles, Cage Titans Innagural Heavyweight Championship! Follow this article throughout the evening for live play-by-play updates of all the fights as the action unfolds.

Greg Jones (Loco Lobo) vs Johnny Campbell (SSSF)

Superfight Grappling Match

New England MMA Results: This grappling superfight ends in a draw after neither grappler can sink in a submission in the alloted 7 minute limit.

Liam Harriman (0-0, Seacoast Boxing) vs Shane Wellman (1-0, Lauzon MMA)

185lb AM MMA

Round 1 : They touch one another with jabs early and begin to swing away. Wellman clinches and has Liam on the cage looking for the takedown. The takedown comes but Harriman uses the cage wall to stand. Harriman returns to striking distance and lands some heavy leather before Wellman shoots for the takedown and gets Harriman's back. Wellman lands some shots to the body from the back as Harriman continues to turtle up. Shane drags Wellman to the canvas and sinks in the Rear Naked Choke for the quick tap.

New England MMA Results: Shane Wellman defeats Liam Harriman by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:34 of the first round.

Lucas Brock (0-0, NOSTOS) vs Matt Martinez (0-1, Sityodtong)

135lb AM MMA

Round 1 : Brock comes out and after a turn or two around the cage takes Martinez down, Martinez usues the cage to stand but Brock is heavy on top of him on the fence. Martinez uses knees to turn the action but Brock grabs the clinch and turns Martinez back to the cage. The Scramble hits the ground briefly but ends with Brock pressing Martinez to the cage wall. Brock pushes across the cage and Martinez connects with the cup of Brock. Brock looks in serious pain after taking the front kick straight to the "button." We pause to recoup. Brock recovers and we restart the action. Brock flashes an off target wheel kick as the round ends. Close round 10-9 Brock.

Round 2 : Martinez lands a nice low lick to start the round and Brock starts to get hi hands going with a nice right to the chin of Martinez. Brock shoots for the double leg and we are once again clinches on the cage. Martinez spins off the cage and we return to striking range. Brock shoots again and is stuffed by Martinez and Martinez turns the action and they clinch back to the center of the cage. The round finishes on the cage. Another close one 10-9 Martinez.

Round 3 : Round three begins wildly as both guys land some combinations before Brock initiates the clinch once again. Martinez lands a right hand on the brake and Brock goes right back to the clinch on the cage wall. Brocks looks for the high crotch but Martinez remains standing. Brock is going for broke on this takedown but Martinez keeps his feet down the stretch. 10-9 Brock.

New England MMA Results: Lucas Brock defeats Matt Martinez by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Jake Caskey (1-2, Dexter MMA) vs Joe Atallah (2-2, Loco Lobo)

145lb AM MMA

Round 1 : Caskey comes out cutting angels and looking to make the cage smaller on the young Atallah. Caskey shoots but is stuffed by Joe as they return to striking distance. Caskey fires a kick that is countered with a combination by Atallah and they clinch on the fence with Caskey pinning Atallah against the fence. Caskey gets a brief takedown and Atallah is back up but brought right back down by Caskey. Caskey lands some hammer fists as Atallah looks for the arm from the bottom. The round ends with Caskey on top looking for position. 10-9 Caskey.

Round 2 : Caskey comes out with a kick and Joe catches it and looks to dumb Jake. They remain on the feet but Caskey shoots and takes this one to the ground. Caskey works from open guard landing shots before returning to his feet. Caskey shoots yet again and is on top of Caskey on the ground. Atallah looks for a leg lock and Caskey defends. They go back to the feet and Jake shoots and Joe attacks an armbar. Caskey defends and Joe rolls again for the leg of Caskey. Joe is eating some heavy shots for his attempts as Caskey remains on top throughout the round. 10-9 Caskey.

Round 3 : Caskey comes out behind a low kick as we begin the third. Caskey clinches and trips Joe to the canvas where once again Jake works from top control. Jake is finding some room to land some hammer fists to the body as Atallah rolls for position. Caskey is heave in the half guard before stepping over to mount. Atallah looks to cage walk and ends up on top of Caskey now. Caskey stands and clinches Atallah against the cage where he ultimately lands another takedown. Caskey finishes the fight with Atallah mounted landing ground and pound. 10-9 Caskey.

New England MMA Results: Jake Caskey defeats Joe Atallah by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3)

Joe Lexis (1-2, Ascension) vs Andrew Jacobs (2-2, Lauzon MMA)

193lb AM MMA

Round 1 : Lexis comes out behind the jab and Jacobs lands leg kicks. They clinch and Lexis lands some knees to the body before the clinch is broken. Jacobs lands a nice combination that ends with a kick to the body by Jacobs. More leg kicks from Jacobs as they circle the cage. Lexis lands a nice kick to the body and Jacobs fires back as the round ends. 10-9 Jacobs...Close.

Round 2 : Lexis leads with the jab once again and round two is off to a slower start. Jacobs backs Lexis to the cage with strikes and Lexis counters his was off the fence. Jacobs comes forward with knees in the clinch. They stand and trade off the restart from an errant strike. Jacobs strikes seems to be landing at a more accurate pace as the round comes to and end with a barrage from Andrew. 10-9 Jacobs.

Round 3 : Jacobs comes out in the third looking to take Lexis down, Lexis stuffs and they return to the center where he eats a low kick from Andrew. Jacobs lands a nice rleft hand that connects but Lexis remains aware firing back jabs. Jacobs lands a left and right to the body that crack Lexis hard. Leixs is breathing heavy as Jacobs clinches and works the takedown. Andrew works from the top with a hammerfist as Lexis tries to keep him close. Jacobs gets side control and finishes the fight on top landing ground and pound. 10-9 Jacobs.

New England MMA Results: Andrew Jacobs defeats Joe Lexis by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28).

Jideofor Ojukwu (4-2, Citadel) vs Colin Robinson (3-0, Team Link)

185lb AM Interim Title Fight

Round 1 : Jideofor comes out and jabs into a takedown attempt and Colin stuffs momentarily before being taken down. Ojukwo gets the back but Robinson fights out and regains his feet on the cage wall. Colin remains strong with his hips as Jideofor looks to get Robinson back to the mat. Colin escapes the clinch as the round ends. 10-9 Jideofor.

Round 2 : Colin comes out with a right hand as Ojukwu shoots for another takedown. Once again we clinch along the cage wall until Ojukwu finally gets the takedown. Ojukwu lands some shots to the body from the top as Robinson plans his escape. Ojukwu finishes the round on top. 10-9 Ojukwu.

Round 3 : Feints from Robinson on the start have Ojukwu shooting yet again, Jideofor gets his hands clasped and takes Robinson down yet again. Jideofor does nothing with top control and Colin reverses and stands on the cage wall. Colin strikes to space and Okjkwu wants none of the striking and shoots again. Robinson goes for the toss and Okukwu ends up on top as the round ends. 10-9 Robinson.

Round 4 : Robinson appears the far fresher fighter between rounds as we head to Championship action. Jideofor ducks under the first strikes of Robinson and looks again for the takedown. Colin stuffs momentarily but Ojukwu finishes the takedown. Jidefor looks to take the back and Colin stands again but Jideofor is there for another takedown. The round ends with Colin on the way back to his feet. 10-9 Ojukwu.

Round 5 : Again Jideofor ducks under the first strikes thrown by Robinson and looks for the takedown. Colin stuffs a few attempts but ultimately Ojukwu gets the fight to the ground. Colin escapes to top position with little time to work here. Jideofor sweeps to the top and they scramble as the fight ends with Robinson pinning Ojukwu to the cage. 10-9 Ojukwu.

New England MMA Results: Jideofor Ojukwu defeats Colin Robinson by Unanimous Deicison (50-45 x3) to becomes the interim Cage Titans Amateur Middleweight Champion for the second time in his career.

Sergei Peresunko (Loco Lobo) vs Miguel Sevasin (3-2-1, Lakeville MMA)

155lb AM Title Fight

Round 1 : Sevasin comes out with a jab and Sergei takes Miguel down, Miguel returns to his feet for a moment then Sergei takes him down again and has the back of Sevasin. Miguel scrambles and stands on the cage where Peresunko greets him with knees. Peresunko gets Servasin back to the mat again but Sevasin stainds yet again against the wall. And another big takedown from Peresunko ends the round. 10-9 Peresunko.

Round 2 : Miguel comes out striking and tagging Sergei on the feet a little before Sergei shoots. Peresunko ends up on the back of Sevasin until a scramble ends with Sevasin on top. Sevasin lands some nice ground and pound before Peresunko stands and they stand and bang. Peresunko sends Sevasin across the cage where they clinch on the fence once again. Peresunko lands a nice right hand before shooting for another takedown, Peresunko ends the round on top with ground and pound. 10-9 Peresunko.

Round 3 : Miguel walks Sergei down with strikes to open the third and Peresunko shoots for his life. Miguel stuffs the takedown attempt and ends up on top in side control. Miguel stands and it immediately put on the fence by Sergei. Miguel comes back striking but ends up right in a takedown from Sergei as the Russian ends the third on top. 10-9 Sevasin.

Round 4 : Miguel comes out backing Sergei down with strikes and its one turn around the cage before Peresunko takes the champ down. Miguel returns to his feet and he begins to pick Sergei apart on the feet before Sergei lands another well timed takedown. Sergei mounts Miguel as the round comes to an end. 10-9 Sevasin.

Round 5 : Miguel begins the fifth with more striking and is answered with a takedown from Peresunko, Sergei ends up on the back of Sevasin landing strikes and looking to flatten out the champion. Peresunko is looking for a home for the choke as Sevasin defends. Miguel wall walks out of the sub attempt and they finish the fight in a scramble that ends up with Peresunko once again on the back of Sevasin as the fight draws to a conclusion. 10-9 Peresunko.

New England MMA Results: Sergei Peresunko defeats Miguel Sevasin by Split Decision (49-46 Peresunko, 48-47 Sevasin, 49-46 Peresunko) to become the NEW Cage Titans Amateur Lightweight Champion.

During intermission Cage Titans announces Cage Titans 60 will include an Amateur Welterweight Title fight between Brody McDougal v. Ozzie Martin....And Lionel Young v. Jay Perrin in a Featherweight pro matchup.

John Medina (0-0, Team Yayyo) vs Joe Poirier (1-0, Lauzon MMA)

Pro 130LB Catchweight

Round 1 : Medina uses strikes to push the pace early and Poirier takes him down, Medina gives his back to try and stand and Joe hope on top. Poirier flattens Medina out, postures up and lands heavy ground and pound for the stoppage from referee John English.

New England MMA Results: Joe Poirier defeats John Medina by TKO (Ground and Pound) at 1:19 of round one.

Jake Hixenbaugh (2-1, Bohn MMA) vs Aaron Hughes (3-3, Team Regiment)

155 lb MMA

Round 1 : Fighters begin this one exchanging kicks and Aaron tries to catch a kick from Hix and is pressed against the cage. Aaron tries to putt guard on a guillotine and we go to the ground. Aaron starts to unleash elbows from the bottom and they are landing to the back of Hixenbaugh's head. Kevin MacDonald steps in and the doctor is taking a look at Jake. Kevin MacDonald steps in and waves this one off.

New England MMA Results: Jake Hixenbaugh v. Aaron Hughes is ruled a no contest (Illegal Strikes to the back of the head) early into the first round.

Will Smith (4-5, Black Wolf) vs Andrew Valdina (3-0, Lauzon MMA)

135 lb MMA

Round 1 : Valdina Valdina Valdina, here we go! Smith lands the first combination and Valdina fires back with a strike to the cup of Smith and we have a brief stoppage. They trade kicks on the restart and Valdina shoots for a takedown and gets the back briefly before Smith returns to the feet to strike again. Valdina lands a right hand over the top during an exchange as there guys remain on the feet. A short left from Smith puts Valdina on a knee and Valdina follows up with a crisp combination that backs Smith up. Smith answers a low kick from Valdina with a combination of his own. 10-9 Smith. Close round.

Round 2 : Smith comes out behind a jab and gets taken down by Valdina. Smith scrambles and ends up on top and has Valdina pinned in the corner of the cage. Andrew keeps Smith close as Smith lands some short shots. Referee English calls for a stand up and Valdina pours it on Smith hitting his with everything but the kitchen sink but Smith survives the onslaught. Valdina has Smith on the fence now before separating and returning to the center of the cage. Valdina connects on another combination that has Smith on his heels. Smith comes back with a 1-2 as the round comes to a close with a teep kick exchange by both men. 10-9 Valdina.

Cageside doctors step in between rounds and take a closer look at the left eye of Smith and they advise a stoppage in this one.

New England MMA Results: Andrew Valdina defeats Will Smith by TKO (Doctor Stoppage) at 5 minutes of the second round.

Tyler Smythe (2-0, Evolution Athletics) vs Mitch Raposo (7-1 Regiment)

125 lb MMA

Round 1 : Mitch lands the first couple shots of the fight and the third drops Smythe. Smythe shoots for a takedown, Mitch stuffs and delivers hammerfists for the finish.

New England MMA Results: Mitch Raposo defeats Tyler Smythe by TKO (Hammerfists) at 49 seconds of the first round.

Trevor Gudde (4-3, CItadel ) VS Jack Congdon (2-0, Lakeville MMA)

170 lb MMA

Round 1 : They exchange low kicks to open and Jack lands a big right hand, more strikes land for Congdon as Gudde looks to find his range. Gudde clinches and puts Jack against the fence. Congdon turns the action and backs up. Landing a combination that sends Gudde to the canvas. Congdon is the real deal, great display of striking by Jack to take out Gudde in impressive fashion.

New England MMA Results: Jack Congdon defeats Trevor Gudde by TKO at 1:36 of the first round.

Pat Casey (9-6, G & G Wrestling ) VS Marty Navis (6-2, Lauzon MMA)

170 lb MMA

Round 1 : Casey catches a kick by Navis and lands some heavy shots, they scramble to the ground and Casey is in control taking the back of Navis. Casey hops on the back and is landing heavy ground and pound. Kevin MacDonald gives Marty plenty of time to recover but the end comes as Navis is unable to defends the shots of Casey.

New England MMA Results: Pat Casey defeats Marty Navis by TKO (Ground and Pound) at 1:35 of the first round.

Jacob Bohn (12-10, Bohn MMA) VS Zach DiSabatino (11-2, SSSF)

155 lb MMA

Round 1 : Zach comes out with a kick to the body and they clinch. They go to the ground and Bohn grabs a leg but Zach defends. DiSabatino tries to lock up a standing head and arm choke and Bohn defends but is taken down.. Jacob returns t the feet and takes DiSab down now and Bohn is in mount. DiSab gives the back and Jacob is looking for the choke now. Bohn is crafty to stay on top here as DiSab throws up submission attempts. Zach scrambles to his feet and Bohn presses him to the fence. Bohn ends up getting the take down and is landing some ground and pound. Bohn finishes the round on top landing fists to the downed DiSabatino. 10-9 Bohn.

Round 2 : Round 2 begins with kick from Bohn. Bohn clinches and look to take Zach down, he does so with ease. Bohn goes to work from the top and again DiSab goes for the choke but Bohn defends. DiSab again scrambles for a choke and Bohn again ends up on top. Jacob goes mounted on a guillotine. Jacob pulls guard and DiSab escapes to top position. They scramble and Jacob ends up on the back landing some ground and pound. Jacob ends up on the back with hooks in and lands some fists before mounting and finishing the round on top threatening a head and arm choke. 10-9 Bohn.

Round 3 : Bohn begins the round with some accurate strikes that land before taking DiSabatino to the canvas with plenty of time to work. Bohn looks heavy on top as DiSabatino looks for room to mount some sort of offense. DiSab stands in the guillotine of Bohn and they make it back to striking range briefly before Bohn pushes the action to the cage looking for another takedown to seal this one. The split and Jacob finishes the fight landing dirty boxing and knees in the clinch. 10-9 Bohn.

New England MMA Results: Jacob Bohn defeats Zach DiSabatino by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3)

Ras Hylton (9-7, ATT Tampa) VS Brendan Battles (3-1, Loco Lobo)

Heavyweight Title Fight

Round 1 : Ras begins by coming across the cage with strikes and Battles shoots for a takedown Ras defends but cannot defend the second shot from Battles as Battles is on top raining down fists and elbows as Ras looks for a way to his feet. Battles has him mounted and in full defense mode. Ras tries to post on a hip and survive this onslaught by Battles, Ras is doing a great job staying in this one and avoiding heavy damage. Ras lands some fists from the bottom as Battles asks Kevin the ref what more he needs to do to ends this. But Ras is still there as the first round comes to a close. 10-8 Battles.

Round 2 : Battles looks tired to start the seconds round and Ras starts to tee off landing lengthy strikes to an almost defenseless Battles. Kevin MacDonald steps in and stops this one and Ras Hylton is the First EVER Cage Titans Heavyweight Champion!

New England MMA Results: Ras Hylton defeats Brendan Battles by TKO (Unanswered Strikes) at 55 seconds of the second round. Congratulations to Ras Hylton the NEW Cage Titans Heavyweight Champion.

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