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Cage Titans Live! Only the Knockouts, Submissions, and Finishes of the night!

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

We're not here for a long time, were here for a good time! Check in throughout the night to get updated on all the fights the did not need the Judges!

First KO of the night! !

KNOCKOUT: Shane Wellman comes out swinging heavy and using his reach to get in close! Knockout by punches first round! Defeats Steve Pyles.

Ground & Pound Finish

TKO : 2:54 into round 1 Mike Robillard uses ground and pound to finish the fight in the first round!! Defeats Gage Lobby.

TKO : at 2:49 of round number 1 Raoul Scott defeats Donavan Lozada by flattening him out on his stomach and initiating the ground and pound.

Submission: A beautiful triangle choke ends the fight in round 1 for crowd favorite Dan Walsh as he defeats John lee and the crowd erupts!!!

TKO: Round 3 TKO in an Amateur Kickboxing match as Anthony Scott representing my hometown of Brockton Massachusetts finishes the fight as the ref jumps in calls it as Scott is firing away punches with everything he has! Defeats Julian Connerton.

TKO : Brutal arm breakage ends the battle between Kyle Pavao and Wayne Downer. While getting up from the ground Kyle grabs Wayne’s arm and bends it backwards resulting in the arm snapping. Wishing a quick recovery to Wayne and a congratulations to Pavao!

(Not actual Photo)

Body Shot KO: Will Doolin ends the fight in round 2 with a solid body shot that sends James Thomas to the ground and the ref jumps in.

TKO: Ground and pound from Jayden Curley sends the crowd into a frenzy when he slams Rafael Lopez to the mat and starts throwing hands until the ref jumps in at 1:25 of round 2

TKO : Shane Dillehay comes out swinging punches with everything he has and it overwhelms Josh Smith.

KNOCKOUT: David Burke might of just delivered the knockout of the night against Jideofor Ojukwu. Strong punches ends the fight in 22 seconds of round number one! AND NEWWWWW amateur middleweight champion. David Burke!

TKO: Last 10 seconds of round number 5 Arthur Mpofu gets the victory over Tyler Smythe

TKO: Kam Arnold wins via punches that drop Mike Taylor in the first. He jumps right on him and continues throwing until the ref jumps in . 1:58 seconds of round number 1

TKO: Strong Punches from Lionel Young drop Will smith leading to ground and pound until the ref jumps in at just 33 seconds of round number 1

TKO: Round 1 TKO by Brendan Battles as he flattens out Jashua Marsh on his stomach and ends the fight with blows to the head

TKO: Giannetti wins by DR stoppage at the end of Round 2!

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