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CES 61: Live Results

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Check in here throughout the CES 61 broadcast to get live results. We'll also be hosting a Fight Companion on our FaceBook page, so don't miss that as well.


Eddy George (1-0) vs. Frank Mazepa (0-0)

Eddy George dominates Frank Mazepa with a first round stoppage! George through a shit ton of volume at Mazepa who just couldn't handle it, and John English was forced to step in and stop this contest. Super impressive performance by Eddy George in his 2nd pro fight!

RESULT: Eddy George wins via TKO in round 1


Connor Matthews (2-0) vs. Josh Marer (2-1)

Round 1:

Matthews lands a hard left hook and sends Marer to the canvas covering up. Matthews grabs Marer's back and eventually sinks in a rear naked choke and gets the tap from the Georgia native and improves to 3-0 in his young professional career.

RESULT: Connor Matthews improves to 3-0 with a submission victory in the 1st round


Mitch Raposo (4-0) vs. Matt Almy (4-3)

Round 1:

Raposo controls the 1st round on the feet, landing a few heavy overhand rights that connected, and out-pointing Almy on the feet. A clear 10-9 round for "Killa" Mitch Raposo.

Round 2:

Raposo gets the fight to the mat and beats up Almy in his guard. Mitch gets mount towards the end of the round and takes a clear 10-9 round from Almy. Raposo is up 2 rounds to none going into the 3rd.


Raposo dominates the round once again, landing heavy body kicks and eventually gets the fight to the mat. A clear 10-9 round that gives Mitch Raposo the unanimous decision victory and sending him to 5-0 as a pro.

RESULT: Raposo wins via unanimous decision