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CES 61: Live Results

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Check in here throughout the CES 61 broadcast to get live results. We'll also be hosting a Fight Companion on our FaceBook page, so don't miss that as well.


Eddy George (1-0) vs. Frank Mazepa (0-0)

Eddy George dominates Frank Mazepa with a first round stoppage! George through a shit ton of volume at Mazepa who just couldn't handle it, and John English was forced to step in and stop this contest. Super impressive performance by Eddy George in his 2nd pro fight!

RESULT: Eddy George wins via TKO in round 1


Connor Matthews (2-0) vs. Josh Marer (2-1)

Round 1:

Matthews lands a hard left hook and sends Marer to the canvas covering up. Matthews grabs Marer's back and eventually sinks in a rear naked choke and gets the tap from the Georgia native and improves to 3-0 in his young professional career.

RESULT: Connor Matthews improves to 3-0 with a submission victory in the 1st round


Mitch Raposo (4-0) vs. Matt Almy (4-3)

Round 1:

Raposo controls the 1st round on the feet, landing a few heavy overhand rights that connected, and out-pointing Almy on the feet. A clear 10-9 round for "Killa" Mitch Raposo.

Round 2:

Raposo gets the fight to the mat and beats up Almy in his guard. Mitch gets mount towards the end of the round and takes a clear 10-9 round from Almy. Raposo is up 2 rounds to none going into the 3rd.


Raposo dominates the round once again, landing heavy body kicks and eventually gets the fight to the mat. A clear 10-9 round that gives Mitch Raposo the unanimous decision victory and sending him to 5-0 as a pro.

RESULT: Raposo wins via unanimous decision


Tyler King (12-8) vs. Jamelle Jones (9-6)

Round 1:

A pretty timid first round from both fighters. A lot of feints without many punches connecting. Jones lands a flush short left hook that puts King on his ass, but he recovers and gets back to his feet. Jons lands a HUGE straight left and Tyler King is out cold in the middle of the canvas! EMT's are tending to King as he's still out on the mat several minutes later. King finally gets to his feet but is shaky. A huge and violent win for Jamelle Jones.

RESULT: Jamelle Jones wins via KO in the 1st round


Kris Moutinho (7-4) vs. Ashiek Ajim (3-0)

Round 1:

Both fighters come out swinging heavy leather. Ajim lands some serious leg kicks to Moutinho's lead leg. Moutinho continues to move forward, willing to take on to get one. Ajim is landing big hooks, while Moutinho isn't backing down. Ajim lands a big left, sending Moutinho to the mat, but Ajim won't follow him to the mat. He wants him back on his feet. Moutinho fights back and takes it to Ajim the last minute of the round. What a fight! Both guys are fine with sitting in the phone booth and throwing bombs! The round ends and I'll give Ajim a slight edge on the cards due to the knock down. Ajim 10-9.

Round 2:

Round 2 starts out much like round 1 did - both guys are throwing down in the center of the cage, and it looks like Moutinho's volume is wearing on Ajim, as the Long Island MMA product is starting to wilt. Moutinho is laying on a high-volumed onslaught, and the ref is forced to step in and stop the fight! A massive TKO victory for Kris Moutinho! The biggest win of his career!

RESULT: What a fucking fight! Kris Moutinho wins via TKO in the 2nd round in what may be the best regional fight in New England in 2020.


Fabio Cherant (5-1) vs. Yu Ji (3-0)

Round 1:

The co-main event of the evening pits the 3rd ranked middleweight in New England against the 3rd ranked light heavyweight in New England, as Yu Ji (3-0) takes on Fabio Cherant (5-1). Fabio grabs the neck of Yu Ji, but the New Yorker does a good job of staying out of danger. Its a grinding affair against the cage, and Yu Ji seems to be winning the positional battle against the cage. Surprising, as Fabio is the bigger and more experienced fighter. Fabio lands some heavy shots, but Yu Ji took them like a champ. Close round, but I'll give it to Fabio for the heavier strikes landed in that round.

Round 2:

Fabio starts by landing some big punches. He's landing with his overhand left, and eventually connects with a heavy enough shot to put Yu Ji down, but he's able to get back to his feet. Fabio looks good, and Yu Ji is starting to wilt under the heavy shots that Fabio is landing. Impressive round for Fabio. I'll give it to Fabio 10-9, but I wouldn't be surprised if that's scored a 10-8 in favor of Fabio.

Round 3:

Yu Ji pressures Fabio against the cage as Fabio looks for a standing guillotine, but isn't able to lock it up. Yu Ji continues to pressure Cherant against the cage, but the break free halfway through the round. Fabio is landing more effective shots than Yu Ji, as Ji is gassed. Fabio is starting to look tired as well, but not as bad as Yu Ji. Not much action in this round, but Cherant was the more effective striker, so we'll give him the 3rd round 10-9. In my opinion Fabio wins this fight 2 rounds to 1.

RESULT: Fabio Cherant wins a unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 29-28)


John Gotti III (5-0) vs. Nick Alley (6-3)

Round 1:

Both fighters are exchanging heavy leg kicks to start the fight. Alley throws another leg kick and Gotti grabs it and gets the takedown. That's surprising. I didn't expect Gotti to want to get this fight to the ground. Gotti's got some heavy top pressure and is controlling Alley on his back. Gotti lands tome average ground N pound. Gotti wins the round via ground control. 10-9

Round 2:

Both fighters come out swinging, and Alley looks to be the fresher fighter. He's landing leg kicks and throwing with much more volume than Gotti III. Gotti seems to be tiring as the round continues. Gotti goes for a takedown, and gets Nick's back. Alley is eventually able to shake him off as he got too high on his back. Alley lands some big ground N pound in the last minute of the fight, as he controls Gotti on the mat. Impressive round for the fresher fighter in Nick Alley. 10-9 Alley. We're all even going into the 3rd!

Round 3:

Gotti looks tired and Alley looks fresh. Alley lands a right cross and gets the takedown. He takes Gotti's back but gets reversed. Alley tries to get a triangle from the bottom, but Gotti is able to defend. Their grinding against the cage and Alley lands up on top in half guard. Gotti looks tired, and there is still 2 minutes left in the round. Gotti seems to be accepting the bottom position, and Alley is staying active on top, landing effective strikes in Gotti's half guard. Alley maintains dominant position on the mat and wins this round 10-9 in our books. From my perspective, Alley wins this fight 29-28.

RESULT: Nick Alley wins via unanimous decision! Wow - awesome win Nick!

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Fucking right Nick! How to represent and pull off the biggest win of your career! Shirts looked good too.


Let's go!


Edward Carr
Edward Carr
Oct 14, 2020

Let's go we are ready

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