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CES 61: Weigh-In Results

CES 61 comes to us live on UFC FightPass tomorrow night, and we've just received the weigh-in results. The main event is a go, as both John Gotti III (169) and Nick Alley (170) came in under the 171 pound welterweight limit. Fabio Cherant missed the 206 pound limit by 3 pounds, and it looks as though Eddy George (159) and Frank Mazepa (163) came to an agreement not to cut to 155. Since Mazepa is the heavier of the two, it's logical to assume that he may have had some issues cutting to the lightweight limit and needed to fight at a catchweight. As reported earlier, the bout between Alexandra Ballou and Brigid Chase was scrapped from the card due to Chase's withdrawal, leaving the card with 7 official fights. Check out the full breakdown of the weigh-in results below.

Welterweight Main Event

John Gotti III (169) vs. Nick Alley (170)

Catchweight Bout (130)

Mitch Raposo (130) vs. Matt Almy (130)

Light Heavyweight Bout

Fabio Cherant (209) vs. Yu Ji (204)

Bantamweight Bout

Kris Moutinho (136) vs. Ashiek Ajim (136)

Heavyweight Bout

Tyler King (248) vs. Jamelle Jones (241)

Catchweight Bout (150)

Connor Matthews (150) vs. Josh Marer (151)

Lightweight Bout

Eddy George (159) vs. Frank Mazepa (163)

Check out our in-depth card breakdown HERE.

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