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CES 67: Live Results

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

We out here!! NEMMA is at the Hartford Convention Center tonight for CES 67: Sumter vs. Goff. We have 9 fights on tap tonight with the headliner being a banger for the vacant middleweight title. Current CES world welterweight champ Billy Goff (6-2) will be taking on #1 ranked middleweight in the region, Justin "The Fort" Sumter (8-4), in a clash that is intruiging to say the least.

Follow along on this thread tonight for live results as they happen here in Hartford.

Casey Norton (0-0) vs. Pedro Villa (0-0)


Round 1: Matt Bessette is in Norton's corner for his pro debut. Norton shoots for a double leg and gets the takedown, but Villa gets back to his feet quickly. Villa seems to be the fighter that is coming forward, while Norton circles with his hands held low. Villa is winging an overhand right, but Norton is on to it. Norton lands a stiff jab and circles. Norton shoots for another double leg and gets the takedown. He advances to sidemount, but gets greedy and Villa gets back to his feet as the 1st round comes to a close. 10-9 Norton in a somewhat uneventful 1st round.

Round 2: Norton lands a good knee during a clinch in the center of the cage and quickly circles away. Norton's footwork seems to be giving Villa a problem, but Villa lands a nice overhand right. Norton shoots for a single, but Villa stuffs it. Villa looks for a guillotine while Norton is still fighting for the single. Norton wins the battle and gets the fight to the mart and quickly advances to full mount, but Villa escapes and is now pressing Norton against the cage. Villa continues to press the action as Norton circles away. They're cage wrestling with both fighters landing some short shots. The round ends with Villa pressing Norton against the cage. 10-9 Villa - close round, but Villa was the more active of the two in a round without a ton of damaging shots being landed by either fighter.

Round 3: Norton's footwork is fading as he is starting to tire. Villa is able to close the distance and press Norton against the cage again. Norton lands a nice 1-2, but Villa lands a few back of his own and presses the fight back against the cage. Norton circles off the cage and shoots for a takedown, but Villa sprawls nicely. Villa continues to press the action and pins Villa against the cage again. Norton's gas tank isn't looking great, as he isn't finding the energy to circle off the cage and remains in Villa's clinch. The round ends again with Villa pressing Norton against the cage. 10-9 Villa

RESULT: Norton wins via split decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)

I don't necessarily agree with the decision. Norton won the 1st round, and Villa definitely won the 3rd round. The 2nd round was close, but I believe that Villa won the 2nd round due to effective aggressiveness. Both landed similar strikes, therefore canceling out the top priority in judging, which is effective striking/grappling. Villa won the effective aggressiveness battle, and therefore won the 2nd round in my eyes.

Harris Bonfiglio (3-1) vs. Jason Huntley (6-10)


Round 1: Huntley quickly grabs ahold oh Harris, but Harris reverses quickly against the cage. Bonfiglio gets the takedown and now resides within Huntley's guard. Harris is able to get Huntley's back and now has one hook in. He transitions to a body triangle, and then back to getting his hooks in. Huntley is trying to work his way back to his feet, but Harris is doing a good job of keeping a positional advantage and keeping this fight on the mat. Harris is in Huntley's halfguard, and then transitions to sidemount, and then mount. Harris goes for an armbar just as the round ends. 10-9 Bonfiglio by dominating grappling.

Round 2: Harris throws a crazy wheel kick that almost lands, and then ends up on top. He quickly transitions to an armbar and forces the tap from Huntley. Slick grappling by Bonfiglio and he improves to 4-1 as a pro. Keep an eye out for this kid. Impressive performance.

RESULT: Harris Bonfiglio defeats Jason Huntley via armbar at :42 of the 2nd round

Mike Kimbel (3-3) vs. Tristian Lindi (2-4)


Round 1: Lindi throws a high kick and Kimbel returns fire with some quick hands. Lindi is able to shoot for a single leg and get the takedown. Lindi is working from top position as Kimbel is trying to get back to his feet. Lindi knows he has to keep this fight on the mat in order to have a chance at winning this fight. He's doing a good job of keeping solid top pressure, but Kimbel is working his way back to his feet. Lindi slams him to the mat, but Kimbel grabs on to a guillotine and Lindi is forced to tap! Wow! Mike Kimbel may have been working on his ground game. Solid performance, and he's back in the win column after a 3 fight skid.

RESULT: Mike Kimbel defeats Tristian Lindi by guillotine choke at 3:04 of the 1st round

Eddy George (4-0, #6 LW) vs. Emiliano Calderon (1-1)


Round 1: Calderon looks MASSIVE! He did come in 3 pounds overweight, and George usually fights at 155. Both are trading leg kicks in the center of the cage. Calderon is throwing some heavy leather, but nothing has connected yet. Calderon lands a 4 punch combo ended with a knee to the stomach. They're cage fighting, and George is trying to get the fight to the mat, but Calderon is defending well. George continues to press the fight against the cage, and is landing knees against the thighs. Calderon breaks free and lands a 2 punch combo. They clinch again and find themselves against the cage with George pressing Calderon against the cage. 10-9 Calderon. Close round, but Calderon landed the heavier, more effective strikes in the round.

Round 2: George lands a nice left hook, and Calderon comes back with a nice combo of his own. George seems to be throwing single shots, while Calderon is throwing combos. George presses Calderon against the cage again. George finally gets the fight to the mat, and it looks like Calderon may be starting to fade. George is landing short shots as Calderon works his way back to his feet by using the cage. George keeps his grasp though and continues to press the Argentinian against the cage. George gets another takedown against the cage. Calderon is posting and trying to get back to his feet, but George is doing a good job of keeping heavy top pressure. George is landing short shots with Calderon's back pressed against the cage as the round ends. 10-9 George

Round 3: Calderon is throwing some crisp heavy shots. He definitely has the striking advantage, but George does the smart thing and presses him against the cage as soon as he got the chance. He once again gets the fight to the mat against the cage. Solid fight IQ from the FAA product. He's now working from sidemount. Calderon doesn't seem to have the grappling shops to play in this world with George. George gets to his feet and throws a knee to the grounded Calderon. Referee Bryan Miner steps in to pause the action due to the illegal blow. Miner won't be taking a point, and that is the right call. Calderon comes out throwing some heavy shots, with a few of them landing, but George once again grabs ahold of him and presses him against the cage. George is fighting for the takedown again, but Calderon is defending well. Calderon is digging for an underhook, but George eventually gets the takedown again. George is throwing short shots against Calderon's thigh. THe round comes to an end with George on top. Both fighters stand up with their hands raised, trying to convince everyone in the building that they are the winner. 10-9 George. Close round, as Calderon did land some nice shots when they were on their feet, but George out grappled him for a large majority of the round.

RESULT: Eddy George wins via split decision (30-27, 30-27, 28-29) - one of those weird scorecards.

Yuri Panferov (1-0, #2 LHW) vs. Mus'aib Baiyina (0-0)

Light Heavyweight

Round 1: Mus comes out throwing some heavy kicks, and some haymakers. Panferov is being cautious. Yuri presses Mus against the cage. He saw enough chaotic striking. Yuri gets a HUGE slam and winds up in Mus' halfguard. He quickly works to mount and has a head and arm choke that is tight. Mus is tough and doesn't tap. Yuri moves back to mount, and grabs the back of Mus as he tries to get up. Yuri has both hooks in. He transitions to an armbar and gets the tap! Wow! Impressive grappling from Yuri Panferov, as he improves to 2-0 and the crowd starts chanting "Yuri! Yuri! Yuri!"

RESULT: Yuri Panferov defeats Mus Baiyina via armbar at 2:20 of the 1st round

Pat Casey (8-4, #5 WW) vs. Armus Guyton (5-2)


Round 1: Guyton throws a head kick that almost lands. Casey rushes in and lands some shots of his own. The pace has settled down a bit from a chaotic start. The much taller Guyton is using his long reach to his advantage. Casety lands a but overhand right and then a left. He wobbles Guyton with the shots. Casey shoots in for a double leg but Guyton defends well. Casey lands another left hook. Guyton seems to be slowing. Casey lands a jab. Guyton throws a spinning back kick that just misses. Guyton lands a short left hook and a nice body kick. Guyton throws another spinning back kick and misses and grabs Casey and gets the takedown. He gets Casey's back and sinks in a rear naked choke, and forces the tap. Armus Guyton.

RESULTS: Armus Guyton defeats Pat Casey via rear naked choke at 4:33 of round 1. Guyton looked sharp. He's got some dynamic striking, and was able to use it to his advantage and eventually got the fight to the mat.

Johnny Lopez (12-6, #3 FLW) vs. Azjavhlan Baatar (7-6)


Round 1: Both fighters are feeling each other out the 1st minute of the fight. Baatar accidentally eye pokes Lopez and the actions is paised. Baatar is moving forward as Lopez circles away. Lopez doubles up on the jab and lands a nice one. Baatar throws some heavy hooks as Lopez backs up against the cage and then circles off. Baatar lands a nice combo as Lopez retreats. He follows up with a partially blocked head kick. Lopex attempts a superman punch, but Baatar is ready for it. Baatar has some nice hands on him, and he's keeping Lopez on his back foot. Baatar throws a flying knee and Lopez answers with a finger to the eye. The action is paused again and the doctor is called in to take a look at Baatar's eye. Referee John English gives his 2nd eye poke warning of the round. Action resumes. Baatar lands a flurry of punches and has Lopez on the ropes, but the round ends. 10-9 Baatar

Round 2: Baatar definitely has the power advantage in this fight. Lopez needs to use his speed to stay out of the firefights with Baatar, but he seems to be tiring. Baatar is pressing forward and getting the better of the striking exchanges. Lopez is starting to show some of the wear on his face. Lopez lands a left hook that sends Baatar to the mat. But he recovers quickly. A flash knockdown. Baatar comes back and lands some more heavy punches as Lopez retreats. Lopez is bloodied up. Lopez did get a flash knockdown, but Baatar landed with more volume and power throughout the round. 10-9 Baatar

Round 3: Baatar lands a nice combo and has Lopez hurt. Lopez circles out and is able to recover, but he just doesn't seem to have an answer for Baatar's power and volume. Lopez throws a head kick that is blocked. Baatar keeps pushing forward, and doesn't seem to be fading at all in this 3rd round. Lopez lands a left hook that bloodies Baatar. Baatar is wiping away the blood, but he seems to have recovered. Baatar is still pressing forward, just like he has the entire fight. Baatar lands a nice right hook that pauses Lopez in his tracks. Baatar lands another nice combo as Lopez has to retreat. 10-9 Baatar

RESULT: Azjavhlan Baatar defeats Johnny Lopez via unanimous decision (30-27 x3). Impressive performance from the Mongolian! The camera panned to Lopez after the fight and it looked as though he had a nasty broken nose.

Billy Goff (6-2, #1 WW) vs. Justin Sumter (8-4 #1 MW)

Middleweight Championship

Round 1: Sumter lands a nice knee to a hook combo that stops Goff's advance. Sumter has a big size advantage in this one. Goff will need to enter the pocket in order to try and connect. Sumter throws a high kick and slips. Sumter throws a kick that Goff catches and gets the fight to the mat, but Sumter gets to his feet and throws a massive suplex and the crowd goes wild. Sumter has Goff's back and is looking to lock in a rear naked choke, but Goff turns into it. Sumter now has mount, and Goff is in trouble with the much bigger guy on top. Sumter is landing some solid punches, but Goff is surviving. Goff gets guard back. Sumter lands a big elbow. The round ends with Sumter on top. Sumter 10-9

Round 2: Goff backs Sumter against the cage and throws a barrage of punches that are mostly blocked by Sumter's high-guard. Goff has Sumter pressed against the cage, but the much taller Sumter is making it difficult for Goff to land the knees that he wants to. God lands a few nice elbows and punches against the cage, and Sumter seems hurt. Sumter retreats to the mat and Goff is landing a bunch of elbows and he gets the TKO stoppage!!! Billy Goff just shocked the New England MMA world and won the CES middleweight belt! Holy shit! Billy Goff is an absolute animal! His hellish elbows win him another belt!

RESULT: Billy Goff defeats Justin Sumter via TKO at 2:13 of the 2nd round and becomes the CES middleweight champion and has now claimed 3 belts in his last 3 fights. Kids a stud.

Markos Pappas (0-0) vs. Ron Marshall (1-3)


Round 1: Holy shit does Speedy Pappas bring a crowd! There must be 400-500 people her for him. No wonder they saved this fight for the last spot on the card! Pappas is pressing Marshall against the cage. Chants of Speedy ring out in the crowd, and now Marshall has Pappas pressed against the cage. Both guys are look tired about halfway through the round. Bryan Miner steps in and takes a point from Speedy for grabbing the cage. Speedy looks absolutely gassed! The corner throws in the towel and the fight is called off. Speedy Pappas was just too exhausted to continue and his corner new it. The 48 year old debut fighter brought a huge crowd and they are fired up! The crowd is launching full beers and cans into the cage! Marshall is flipping off the crowd as more debris is thrown into the cage hitting Jimmy Burchfield Sr, Pat Sullivan, and everyone else in the cage. Speedy gets on the mic to calm things down, but it got a little crazy in there for a minute.

RESULT: Ron Marshall defeats Speedy Pappas via TKO in the 1st round

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