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CES 67: Sumter vs. Goff - In Their Own Words

We're on the eve of a massive CES middleweight world title belt, as Justin "The Fort" Sumter (8-4) takes on Billy Goff (6-2) in Hartford, Connecticut at CES 67. This wasn't the fight that was planned for though. Sumter was poised to take on Eric Spicely for the CES 185 title, but after Spicely was forced to pull out of the fight due to injury, it looked as though Sumter was going to be left on the sidelines. In steps the "Zero Fucks Given" Billy Goff; the current CES welterweight champ who just snatched gold less than a month ago when he defeated Gary Balletto Jr. in a gnarly scrap.

Goff will be stepping up a weight class to take on Sumter, who will undoubtedly have the size advantage in this bout, as Goff is typically walking around at about 190-200 pounds. Goff is looking to be only the 2nd person in CES history to hold two belts in two separate weight classes (Matt Bessette is the other), but Sumter will have something to say about that.

We were able to catch up with both Sumter and Goff this week, and get their thoughts on this massive fight for the region! Check out both interviews with Sumter and Goff below.


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