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CES 73 Live Results/Play-by-Play

Updated: May 12, 2023

eliAs we get ready for this CES 73 card at the North Shore Music Theatre, we would like to THANK YOU for joining us this Saturday evening! The North Shore Music Theatre is a beautiful venue and the fans are beginning to pack in! This venue is the perfect venue for such event, and we can't wait to watch these fights. Sit back and relax, these fights will be LIVE on UFC FightPass or follow along RIGHT HERE for live results/play-by-play.

3 Rounds – Amateur Flyweights


Round 1: These two come out fast! They begin throwing before Gitelman takes a few from Rivera as he has his back to the cage. They work in the clinch as Rivera has Gitelman pinned to the fence. Gitelman sweeps the leg and ends up on top as Rivera falls to his back. Gitelman take the full mount and tries for a triangle choke before the round expires. Close round, the striking of Rivera does look pretty solid. 10-9 Gitelman.

Round 2: Gitelman leads with some body kicks. Rivera fires a big overhand right which Rivera slips. Gitelman then connects with a head kick to stun Rivera. He's hurt. Gitelman lands an accidental low blow while trying to finish Rivera, and when the doctor came to check on Rivera, this one was called off.

Official Result: This fight ends in a NO CONTEST due to the knee.

3 Rounds – Amateur Heavyweights


Round 1: Wyatt comes out fast and strong, with the height advantage. Wyatt's head kicks look good as he keeps them threatening. Wyatt appears to be head hunting and lands a big overhand before opening up Devoll and then setting in a standing guillotine and forcing the tap of Devoll.

Official Result: Wyatt Knopfke defeats Vinvent Devoll by submission at 2:21 of R1.

3 Rounds – Welterweights


Round 1: Soares quickly positions his opponent with his back to the cage and begins to work in the clinch. Soares lands an accidental low blow to Vera, and he immediately falls to the ground. The referee puts this contest to halt, giving Vera an opportunity to recollect himself. And we begin again. Vera throws a big overhand off rip. They end up in the clinch again. Soares takes his opponent down and gets in the top position before letting it rain down on Vera, giving referee John English no option but to wave it off.

Official Result: Felipe Soares defeats Oscar Vera by ground and pound (TKO) at 4:20 of R1.

3 Rounds – Amateur Featherweights


Round 1: Rosa comes out strong, threatening with his strong clinch work. Francis is a game opponent and continues to come forward and throw. Rosa lands some throughout the round, but Francis stood strong, throwing his own. 10-9 Rosa.

Round 2: They come out fast but the technical striking of Rosa looks sharp. He drops Francis early on with a jab before Francis wraps him up and hangs on tight. Rosa remains in the top position, working his grappling and ground game. He gets into the full mount and begins to let it rain down on Francis before he scurries and gets himself out of bad position. 10-9 Rosa.

Round 3: The kicks of Rosa are playing a difference in the distance management of Francis. He gets Francis backed against the cage and begins working his clinch. Rosa gets Francis to the mat, working his grappling and submission attempts. He sinks in a guillotine and gets it tight, but the round expires. 10-9 Rosa.

Official Result: Lucas Rosa defeats Randy Francis by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

3 Rounds – Middleweights


Round 1: Ciampa wastes no time with Baiyina and immediately gets him on his back, sinking in both hooks and threatening with submissions. Baiyina gets back to his feet and Ciampa tries for another takedown, but Baiyina gets back up and then forces Ciampa to the ground where he gives up his back and Baiyina takes the mount position. Baiyina works the top position and lands his ground and pound very cleanly before the referee stops this one due to unanswered strikes.

Official Result: Mus'aib Baiyina defeats Jon Ciampa by TKO at 3:59 of Round 1.

3 Rounds – Lightweights


Round 1: Sam Watford wastes no time getting Medina to the mat where he wastes no time working his grappling. They work for position but ultimately stay tied up as Medina gives Watford no room to play with. Watford stays on top in the first round but doesn't do too much with his position. 10-9 Watford.

Round 2: Watford starts the round by backing Medina to the cage and working in the clinch. Medina gets in position for an arm lock, threatening with an inverted triangle. Watson falls down and Medina improves position on the kimura, locking it in and forcing the tap of Sam Watford.

Official Result: Romano Medina defeats Sam Watford by submission (kimura) in R2.

3 Rounds – Bantamweights


Round 1: Demko takes Johnson to the cage and works his clinch, looking for a takedown. Johnson doesn't give in. These two separate and begin throwing. They each connect a few times before Demko gets Johnson to the ground and sinks in a RNC but the wrist control of Johnson is tough. Demko has both hooks in as he fights to apply more and more pressure to the neck of Johnson. Johnson's wrist control remains strong, making it tough for Denko. Johnson goes to turn away while fighting the wrists. Great defense by Johnson.

Round 2: Demko comes out firing a leg kick. He works back into the clinch with Johnsons back to the cage before taking Johnson to the mats. Johnson holds him tight, giving him no room to play with. Demko looks to gain the full mount before Johnson is able to scurry back to his feet. Demko works the clinch again and takes Johnson down. He sinks in both hooks, looking to work from the back of Johnson. Johnson makes an adjustment, reversing the position and ending up on top. Demko's cardio looks to be failing as Johnson gets the position in full mount and lets it rain down on Travis Demko.

Round 3: Shawn Johnson defeats Travis Demko by TKO at 4:53 of R2

3 Rounds – Featherweights


Round 1: A feeling out process in the first minute. Murrin presses Rall against the cage and is delivering some knees against the cage. Murrin gets a trip and lands in side control and eventually gets the back of Rall. Within 20 seconds of having his back Murrin gets the tap and the crowd goes wild!

Official Result: James Mullin defeats Shawn Rall by submission (RNC) early in R1.

3 Rounds – Featherweights


Round 1: Gilpin comes out bouncy and elusive. Gilpin shoots for a takedown but gets stuffed. Gilpin connects with a huge right hand and drops Carvalho. Carvalho scurries back up. Carvalho lands a leg kick and a HUGE right hanf of his own, stunning Gilpin. The leg kicks of Carvalho are effective. Carvalho has Gilpin hurt as he keeps the pressure and remains in the face of Gilpin. Gilpin gets a takedown but Carvalho gets back to the feet. They work the clinch before Carvalho gets some distance and lands to the face of Gilpin. Close, close round and lots of damage, but 10-9 Carvalho.

Round 2: Carvalho comes out pushing the pace and putting pressure on Gilpin. Gilpin looks for a takedown but the defense of Carvalho is strong. Carvalho lands a few up top, and a big knee too. Gilpin shoots. Carvalho lands in side control, throwing big shots. Gilpin turns and scurries. Carvalho remains on top. He takes the full mount. Carvalho ties up Gilpin and lands his ground and pound, giving referee John English no other option but to wave it off. Team Teixeira MMA including Alex Pereira jump into the cage, congratulating their teammate.

Official Result: Regivaldo Carvalho defeats Alex Gilpin by TKO (ground and pound) at 2:59 of R1.

3 Rounds – Lightweights


Round 1: They both come out and throw some simple strikes as they feel each other out. Eddy clinches against the fence and eventually gets the trip to take Yemi down. Yemi works back to his feet pretty quickly. More cage fighting as George turns Yemi and grabs 2 underhooks and gets the takedown. Yemi is reaching for a single and gets back to his fett. More cage fighting as Yemi now has Eddy pressed against the cage. Eddy reverses position and now has Yemi presed against the cage and going for a single leg, but Yemi is defending well. Not much action going on right now. Yemi reverses George against the cage. Very few strikes or takedowns. Just a lot of hugging against the cage.

10-9 George based on the takedown. Everything else was even.

Round 2: The meet in the middle and throw some strikes. Yemi lands a nice body kick and they clinch against the cage again. Yemi is going for a single leg, but Eddy is defending well. Some clinch fighting going on. Both land a few knees and Yemi goes for a single but is defended well by Eddy. They are back to the center of the cage, but quickly clinch again. More clinch fighting where both guys are landing. Yemi seems to be landing more consistently, but it isn't by a wide margin. Eddy is a little bloody. He grabs the back as the 10 second clapper sounds and the round comes to an end.

10-9 Yemi

Round 3: Eddy lands a nice head kick that is partially blocked as the round commences. Both guys are throwing punches at distance and landing sporadically. Eddy shoots for a double and Yemi defends well. Eddy isn't giving up on it and Yemi eventually gets back to his feet. They are back in the center of the cage and Eddy shoots for another double but Yemi sniffs it out. Yemi is now standing over Eddy and delivering some hammer fists. He grabs Eddy's back but Eddy reverses and gets on top but Yemi gets back to his feet. Yemi is delivering unanswered punches and eventually locks in a Peruvian neck tie.

Official Result: Yemi Oduwole defeats Eddy George by submission in R3.

5 Rounds – Heavyweight World Championship


Round 1: These two come out firing kicks. Barros keeps Will close to the cage as he comes forward. They end up in the clinch with Barros holding Will closely to the cage. Knight circles and puts Barros against the cage but Barros reversed that quickly. Barros holds Knight to the cage in the clinch for the rest of the round. 10-9 Barros.

Round 2: Barros throws some leg kicks. Knight throws a big overhand right. Barros clinches up and begins hugging Knight and pushing against the cage again. Knight reverses and takes the outside position. The separate but end up with Barros hugging Knight against the cage again. Knight gets a takedown and ends up on top. Barros gets back up and they start fighting with some distance. Barros clinches up again and holds for the last :10 seconds. 10-9 Barros.

Round 3: They come out trading leg kicks. Barros clinches up again. They eventually separate. Knight throws a huge right hand and Barros returns with leg kicks. An accidental low blow to Barros stops the contest momentarily. We resume and Knight comes in with an attacks of plenty of combinations. He lands effectively. Barros clinches up and pressures the back of Knight to the cage once again. 10-9 Knight because of the heavy shots.

Round 4: Knight lands heavy early on. Barros again clinches and holds Knight to the cage. Barros trips Knight, getting him to the ground and gains side control. Knight gets up and Barros does the same thing, forces Will to the cage, holding him there and not doing much. Referee John English breaks this clinch. They trade a few but nothing special in the last couple seconds. Lots on control time but zero damage from Barros... 10-9 Barros but again, all control.

Round 5: Knight catches a kick and sweeps Barros, getting the top position. Knight mounts up and begins landing elbows. Knight has the top position but Barros holds him tight. Knight gets some distance and begins landing some elbows. Knight takes the side control position and lands some knees. 10-8 Knight.

Official Result: Domingos Barros defeats William Knight by split decision.

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