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CES Boxing Winter Brawl LIVE Play-by-Play

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

New England MMA fans, the time as come for the 2023 CES Boxing Winter Brawl here at Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT. The 10 fight card is littered with New England talent from top to bottom with names like Irvin Gonzalez, Alejandro Paulino, John Gotti, and Chordale Booker just to name a few. The live results will populate from the bottom on the page as this card is typed in order with the main event first. Sit back, relax, and enjoy as you follow this event and it's LIVE Play-by-Play, right here with New England MMA.

WBC Silver Featherweight Title

Irvin Gonzalez (15-3) vs. Danny Aguero (19-2)

10 - 3 Minute Rounds

Round 1: Aguero begins firing bodyshots. They meet in the center and begin swinging and banging. Aguero looks very sharp as does Gonzalez. These two take turns landing all over the body then clinching and doing it all over again. Both look very sharp and dangerous after Round 1.

10-9 Aguero.

Round 2: Aguero begins the round by throwing a combination littering the body of Gonzalez. Gonzalez connects with a right hand to the face. These two spend the majority of the round trading shots, Aguero is very active and looks to have more of an output level here early on. 10-9 Aguero.

Round 3: Aguero uses his position and backs Gonzalez to the cage early, letting it rain on Gonzalez. Aguero corners Gonzalez and let's Gonzalez have it once again. Gonzalez eventually circles out but can't stop the pressure of Aguero and keeps ending up against the ring. Gonzalez rips the body and lands up top. 10-9 Aguero.

Round 4: Aguero is super tough and starts the round by once again backing Gonzalez to the ring and working the body while throwing shots upstairs as well. He does this for the majority of the round as it seems like Gonzalez can't handle it. Aguero lands a huge overhand right to sleep Gonzalez and end this long night of fights.

Official Result: Dannis Aguero Arias defeats Irvin Gonzalez by KO at 2:04 into Round 4 to become the WBC Silver Featherweight Champion.

John Gotti III (1-0) vs. Alex Citrowske (1-1-1)

4 - 3 Minute Rounds, Light Heavyweight Division

Round 1: These guys start feeling eachother out early on, getting range and distance figured out. Gotti throws an overhand right. Citrowske lands some body shots. Gotti lands a double cross combination and grounds Citrowske to score a knockdown. Gotti lands another overhand right and grounds him again. He gets up and we continue. Gotti once again lands a big right hand to ground his opponent for a third time as the referee waives this one off.

Official Result: John Gotti III defeats Alex Citrowske by TKO with :01 second remaining in the first round.

Alejandro Paulino (11-0) vs. Ryizeemmion Ford (8-3)

6 - 3 Minute Rounds, Lightweight Division

Round 1: Paulino begins by pushing the pace and these two begin feeling each other out. They both work the body and trade shots to the head as well. Ford lands a big hook which stuns Paulino but Paulino quickly regains himself and survives the round. 10-9 Paulino.

Round 2: Paulino connects with a left hook which sends Ford backwards. Paulino fires a body shot that rips through the torso of Ford. Ford does look sharp and dangerous as well, so Paulino needs to keep the distance in check and be smart with his head position. Paulino took the round due to more effective shots and accuracy was big too. 10-9 Paulino

Round 3: Paulino opens the round throwing heavy combos and beautiful body shots too. His accuracy is incredible. Late in the round, Paulino throws a massive right hand which knocks down Ford with just about 1-2 seconds left. Ford makes it back up and we go to Round 3. 10-9 Paulino.

Round 4: Paulinos shots are landing early on, he lands a big right hook which stuns Ford, however Ford is still in it. Great round, Paulino looks to be flowing very smoothly through this round and lands his fair share of shots this round without much of an answer from Ford. 10-9 Paulino.

Round 5: Paulino gets Ford backed to the cage and immediately lets it rain down on him. The referee jumps in and calls a stop to the action.

Official Result: Alejandro Paulino defeats Ryizeemion Ford by TKO at 1:17 of Round 2.

Chordale Booker (17-1) vs. Angel Hernandez (17-17-3

8 - 3 Minute Rounds, Junior Middleweight Division

Round 1: Booker lands to the body. Hernandez comes forward but his shots miss. Bookers combis are quick and powerful. The defense of Hernandez is there. Booker is tough and strong, very technical. Not a crazy productive round, mostly feeling each other out and preparing for 8 rounds. 10-9 Booker.

Round 2: Booker lands to the body and postures Angel's back to the ring before he starts throwing combos. Hernandez escapes. Booker's combinations are very strong and landing effectively. He throws his shots in close distance and likes to rip the body before going upstairs. Another good round, Hernandez did land some of his own as well. 10-9 Booker.

Round 3: Booker continues to land heavy. Very quick and accurate. The defense of Hernandez is tough but the output is minimal. Booker continues to land his strikes and stay out of danger through the round. 10-9 Booker.

Round 4: Booker rips the body in the clinch. The output by both is higher this round. Booker continues to work the body as he also works to land some shots upstairs. Hernandez attempts to land too, but Booker looks extremely sharp and is avoiding these. 10-9 Booker.

Round 5: Hernandez lands some shots in the clinch before these two close all the distance and bang. They then work out of it and trade shots. Booker is still far more active and is bringing the fight to Hernandez. 10-9

Round 6: Caught the tail end, we needed a bathroom break however, peers said it was a slower round with more output and damage by Booker. 10-9 Booker.

Round 7: Booker begins by throwing a combination at Hernandez as he's backed up to the ring. Booker is just far quicker and powerful, Hernandez can't get his offense going. Spending more time defending than attacking. Once again, Booker is very sharp and quick, he's spent a lot of this fight pushing the pace to the point where Hernandez cannot get the offense going. 10-9 Booker.

Round 8: Booker lands consistently once again early in Round 8. These two are working from the clinch with lots of body and head shots. Booker has a major advantage when it comes to power and speed but props to Hernandez for hanging in there and being tough till the end. 10-9 Booker.

Official Result: Chordale Booker defeats Angel Hernandez by unanimous decision (80-72, 79-73, and 80-72).

New England Jr. Lightweight Championship

Kevin Walsh (6-0) vs. Christian Otero (4-2)

6 - 3 Minute Rounds, Featherweight Division

Round 1: Otero lands to the head a couple times to start Round 1. Otero looks quick and powerful here early on. Walsh lands a heavy, heavy hook and knocks down Otero. He makes it back up and we move on. Walsh lands a big right again. Great round, Otero started off looking good before the shots of Walsh began to land. 10-9 Walsh.

Round 2: These two start by firing back and fourth with uppercuts, body shots, and head shots. Walsh looks great with his power and accuracy. Walsh fires plenty of shots that land all throughout the round. Otero shoots his shots as well but his strikes just aren't landing cleanly.10-9 Walsh.

Round 3: Otero lands heavy to the face of Walsh. Otero lands some nice shots to the head of Walsh. The output of Otero seems to be greater than Walsh in this round. Great round for Otero. 10-9 Otero.

Round 4: These two throw all sorts of shots to open the round, however not many land. Walsh lands up high with about :25 seconds left. Not a very productive round, lots of shots but nothing significant other than those from Walsh late in the round. 10-9 Walsh.

Round 5: Walsh lands some all over the body of Otero early on. Otero is durable and tough, just needs to land more significant shots. Walsh remains dominant through the round. 10-9 Walsh.

Round 6: Otero lands to the chin with a hook. Otero also lands a left uppercut. Walsh fires back with a big right which also lands. Otero fires to the body before they end up in the clinch. The fighters spent the majority of the round trading before they land a couple upstairs in the final 10 seconds. 10-9 Otero.

Official Result: Kevin Walsh defeats Christian Otero by split decision (58-55, 56-57, and 59-54).

Mike Kimbel (Debut) vs. Robert Banks (0-1)

4 - 3 Minute Rounds

Round 1: Kimbel lands a nice uppercut. Kimbel lands effectively and is flowing and throwing throughout Round 1. Great round on his behalf as he landed but also felt out his opponent. 10-9 Kimbel.

Round 2: Kimbel works his bodyshots. Kimbel throws a beautiful combo and connects with all. Kimbel pops the jaw of Banks and the crowd goes crazy. Banks survives and makes it to the end of the round. 10-9 Kimbel.

Round 3: Kimbel fires another combo which lands beautifully. Kimbel lands to the body all round but probably the least active round. 10-9 Kimbel again.

Round 4: Kimbel lands to the body and head of Banks early on. Kimbel lands a huge shot which almost puts Banks out. Banks regains himself enough and Kimbel hits with an uppercut. Banks is out of it and the referee ends this one.

Official Result: Mike Kimbel defeats Robert Banks by TKO 1:54 in Round 4.

Kendrick Ball Jr. (19-1-2) vs. Victor Hugo Exner (9-12-1)

6 - 3 Minute Rounds, Welterweight Division

Round 1: Ball lands a jab to start Round 1. Ball consistently fires to the body to keep Exner on his toes. Ball lands a left to the face. Good round by Ball staying busy and landing effective shots early on. 10-9 Ball.

Round 2: Ball comes out jabbing. Exner stuns Ball with a left hook, however, Ball regains himself quickly and we move on. Ball has his back to the ring as Exner throws combos before Ball works out of this position. Ball lands a left. These two battle it out in the clinch before breaking. Awesome, awesome round by both. Exner is strong and durable and seems to feel dangerous while working the clinch. 10-9 Exner.

Round 3: Exner lands some heavy shots and Ball follows up with some of his own. These guys are tough. Ball's body shots connect each time. Exner backs Ball to the corner and lands heavy. Very close round, these guys look awesome. Both of them. Great striking combos and exchanges, these guys are experienced. 10-9 Exner.

Round 4: These two come out swinging, throwing effective but not too damaging shots. Ball has a noticeable size advantage, however, Exner looks great backing Ball to the ring and throwing effective combinations. 10-9 Exner.

Round 5: Exner lands a shot to the head of Ball. Exner corners Ball once again and throws. Exner lands a big left to the chin. Exner corners Ball again and uses his body shots and uppercuts. The output level and gas tank of Exner is impressive. 10-9 Exner.

Round 6: Ball lands a nice right to the chin. They continue to work. Exner looks extremely sharp once again. Exner just put on what has to be one of his best performances and took this round as well by landing effectively and staying out of the way of any big shots coming from Ball.

Official Result: No idea how.....but this was a majority draw and I personally am gutted for Exner who just put on an amazing performance.

Josniel Castro (9-0) vs. Mitch Louis-Charles (6-3-2)

6 - 3 Minute Rounds, Junior Middleweight Division

Round 1: These two begin the round throwing. Charles lands some accurate shots to the head of Castro, however Castro answers back with some shots of his own. Not too much damage done here in Round 1. Close round.

Round 2: Castro lands some body shots from the clinch. Charles lands a jab to the chin. The round goes on with a lot of fakes and some smaller shots. These fighters are preparing to throw heavy. 10-9 Castro.

Round 3: Castro lands a big right hand to start the round. Castro lands another jab to the face. Not much action once again, lots of strike thrown, however, not much damage. 10-9 Castro.

Round 4: Castro lands a nice combo. Charles lands a big left hook to the jaw. Castro lands a nice right overhand. Castro looks solid as he circles and throws. Charles lands a HUGE right hand to the chin of Castro and puts him unconscious.

Official Result: Mitch Louis Charles defeats Josniel Castro by KO at 1:56 of Round 4.

Stevie Jane Coleman (3-1) vs. Michaele Nogue (2-2)

4 - 2 Minute Rounds, Womens Lightweight Division

Round 1: Rogue lands some body shots to Coleman to start the round. Lots of action from both fighters this round as they stood and threw all round. These ladies look great. No knockdowns but a great round with lots and lots of punches. Coleman 10-9.

Round 2: These ladies begin to work again. Coleman lands a hook and these two begin firing body shots to one another. Both are very active and look fantastic. 10-9 Nogue.

Round 3: These ladies begin the round by standing in the center and BANGIN. Rogue lands a nice uppercut. Coleman lands a load of body shots but the output and accuracy in the hands of Nogue prevails throughout the round as she continues to land beautiful shots. 10-9 Nogue.

Round 4: Coleman lands two big straight shots to the face of Nogue. These ladies work all round and trade jabs, body shots, and uppercuts. Colemans punches seem to be landing much cleaner and accurately late in Round 4. 10-9 Coleman.

Official Result: Stevie Jane Coleman defeats Michaele Nogue by split decision.

Chad Leoncello (1-0-1) vs. Gabriel Costa

Round 1: They come out slower but feeling each other out to begin Round 1. Leoncello lands a nice hook. Costa maintains the center and begins to threaten with some quick combos as Leoncello has his back to the ring. 10-9 Costa, close round.

Round 2: Costa is making it a point to keep the back of Leoncello close to the ring and is going forward much more than Leoncello. Costa connects with some shots to the head. Leoncello with a big body shot. 10-8 Costa as he has been much more active.

Round 3: Costa begins to land and Leoncello immediately grabs the clinch. Leoncello lands a straight right to the face of Costa. Costa looks good as he keeps backing Leoncello up against the ring and landing. Leoncello lands a body shot in dire need. Leoncello has been very stationary with not much output. 10-9 Costa.

Round 4: Costa begins working Leoncello close to the ring and doing his thing again early in Round 4. Leoncello lands a hook. Leoncello with a body shot then another. Costa used his tactic and avoided the minimal but heavy shots from Leoncello. 10-9 Costa.

Official Result: Gabriel Costa defeats Chad Leoncello by split decision as everyone questions how/why one judge gave the win to Leoncello after a great performance by Costa.

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