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CES MMA 70 Live Play-by-Play

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Travis Lizotte "Full Contact Writer"

We have arrived in Springfield, Massachusetts for CES 70 live tonight at the MassMutual Center...doors open in just 15 minutes but Lars and I have hopped across the street to the MGM Grand for a bite to eat before we head to our seats ahead of tonight's opening bell which is due to sound at 7 pm, follow this article throughout the night for live up to the minute updates as we see them from our seats here on press row at CES 70!

Now only 7 fights remain after a hectic day of weigh ins yesterday, all fights will appear on UFC Fightpass and the new start time has this event going off at 8 pm, Continue to follow for updates...

Casey Norton (1-0) v. Adrian Haly (1-1)


Round 1: No glove touch here. Fighters exchange early leg kicks as they look to find their range early here. The length of Casey looks to be working to his advantage as his strikes are landing and Haly's are coming up short here in the early going. Haly finally connects and sends Norton off balance as these guys circle the cage trading combinations. More leg kicks back and forth from these two until Norton lands a nice left hook that gets thr crowd's attention. Casey mixes it up and scores a takedown by slipping a combination from Haly. Casey moves to the back as the round ends with Haly in a scramble. 10-9 Norton.

Round 2: Haly begains the seconds round with a jab and leg kicks before Norton comes forward looking to initiate and begins to land some ill fated combinations. Casey is doing a great job countering wild shots from Haly and landing with intent on the return. Norton slips another combination and gets another double leg takedown and has Haly's back in the center of the cage. Haly scrambles but Norton stays tight to his back and retains postions where he begins to land short strikes. Haly makes it to his feet briefly but Norton sends his right back to the mat. Finally Haly escapes and we return to striking distance. Norton fires a front kick that just misses as the round ends. 10-9 Norton.

Round 3: Haly comes out with what looks to be a little more urgency in the striking department, but Norton is still patient and countering the shots of Haly. Norton starts to find his distance here landing some creative combinations that begin to score. Haly gets wild with his attack and Casey slips to another double leg and again has the back with time to work. Haly stands on the fence and eventually eacapes Norton's graps and returns to range where he needs to get to work if he wants his hand raised. Another takedown for Norton all but secured this one, Haly gets back us with 10 seconds and almost eats a head kick for his troubles. 10-9 Norton.

Decision: Casey Norton defeats Adrian Haly by Unanimous Decision (30-27)

Cody Zappone (1-2) v. Kenny Champion (2-2)


Round 1: Zappone comes out swinging looking to close the distance. He shoots and Kenny stuffs but Zappone eventually is able to get Champion to the canvas, Zappone is looking for the back as Champion stands against the fence. Zappone is not giving Champion and room to work stuffing him in the corner and heavy from the top. They get back to the feet and Kenny looks to turn position but Zappone is wise to it, grabbing a leg and getting Champion back to the mat. A hip toss from Zappone ends up with Champion on the top landing hammerfists and Zappone gets back up and lands to the cup of Champion and we have a brief pause in the action. They come back trading kicks and Champion gets a throw at the bell. 10-9 Zappone.

Round 2: Round 2 starts with an exchange of leg kicks as they circle the cage. Zapponie steps into a nice right to the body that gets the crowds attention as they continue to trade strikes. Not a ton going on on the feet here but it appears Zappone is besting Champion on the feet here. Zappone ducks under for a takedown and has the back of Champion. Zappone sinks in the RNC and Champion has two choices, nap or tap and he choses the later.

Decision: Cody Zappone defeats Kenny Champion by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at4:40 of the second round.

Fran Collins (3-0) v. Mus'iab Baiyina (0-1)


Round 1: Collins throws a jab off the glove touch and they clinch as Baiyian clinches, Collins stuffs and fires a knee that connects with Baiyians cup. No thed restart they begin to slug and Mus'iab grabs a guillotine and jumps guard on a guillotine. Baiyina is going heavy for the neck but Collins pops out and looks to strike from the top. Collins allows Baiyina back up where he catches a kick and uses it to get top position on the ground. Baiyina gives his back to avoid damage and Fran takes it. Mus is fighting his way to his feet as the first round comes to a close. 10-9 Collins.

Round 2: Round 2 starts with Baiyina throwing bombs but Collins closes the distance, gets the takedown, they return to their feet where they exchange knees in the clinch before Baiyina goes for broke on another guillotine. Collins defends and is on top once again with tons of time to work. Collins postures up and lands bombs before backing off and allowing Mus to stand. Collins backs Mus to the cage with strikes where they once again grapple to the canvas with Mus ending up on top in Collins' guard. Collins throws up a triangle as the round comes to an end...Close round 10-9 Baiyina.

Round 3: Mus backs Collins up with strikes and Collins drags him to thed ground where Collins goes to work from top position. Mus gives his back again and Fran looks to lock in the RNC. Baiyina is defending the choke but Collins is flattening him out in the process. Collins postures up from the back and lands some ground and pound Baiyina covers up and the strikes don't stop as Referee Jordan Riley takes a closer look and calls a stop to this contest.

Decision: Fran Collins defeats Mus'iab Baiyina by TKO (Ground and Pound) late in round number 3.

Ali Zebian (8-2) v. Sam Watford (2-3)


Round 1: Ali comes out behind strong kicks and strikes before Watford ducks under for a takedown early and goes to work from top control. Ali is doing a great job keeping Sam close so that he cannot mount any offense as he begins to scramble to his feet. They roll into a grappling exchange that ends with Ali in top control now. Ali looks to create space and lands some nice short shots. Ali backs off and Ali connects to his cup while Sam is on the ground. On the restart Watford looks to a takedown but Zebian stuffs and remanis at striking range. They exchange kicks and jabs as the round ends....tough round to score 10-9 Zebian.

Round 2: Ali comes forward off the start with strikes and Watford shoots for a takedown and has Ali's back on the fence. Ali turns the action now and has Watford on the fence. Ali looks for a single and Watford stuffs but is met with a right hand from Ali as they clinch again. Ali launches a headkick that nearly lands but it results in a takedown from Watford and Ali loses his mouthpiece on the way to the canvas. Watford transitions to the back with little time left in the round. Watford finishes the round on top. 10-9 Watford.

Round 3: Ali finds a home for a couple short right hands to begin round three then catches a knee from Watford and dumps him on the mat. A scramble ensues but Ali ends up securly on top looking to work. Ali is working hard to pass the guard as Watford rolls for a heel to no avail. triangle attempt by Watford goes by the wayside as Ali continues to find a home for hammerfists. Ali spends the remainder of the fight on top raining down short shots. 10-9 Zebian.

Decision: Ali Zebian defeats Sam Watford by Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3)

Pat Casey (9-5) v. Albert Tadevosyan (7-3-1)


Round 1: Pat comes out with a leg kick followed with a right hand and we are off. Pat is throwing hands with VERY bad intentions here as Albert backs to the fence. Casey lands a steady combination and Albert is in survival mode against the fence. Albert finally gets room to recover but Pat comes back with a flury of superman punches that once again back his opponent to the cage. Every time Albert is able to land Pat fires back multiple shots in return and they are landing. Pats right hand is starting to add up, they clinch and Albert pulls guard on a guillotine asnd Casey keeps his feet but is forced to tap.

Decision: Albert Tadevosyan defeat Pat Casey by Submission (Guillotine) at 4:38 of the first round.

John Howard v. JZ Cavalcante

Welterweight (Combat Jiu Jitsu)

Result: JZ Cavalcante defeats John Howard in overtime by fastest escape.

Nate Ghareeb (5-1) v. Dan Dubuque (8-5)

Featherweight Title (Vacant)

Round 1: No glove touch as Nate comes out weilding a jab as both of these guys look to settl in early. Ghareeb puts Dan;s back to the cage and looks to take Dubuque to the mat here but Dan stuffs and we return to striking range. Dan Lands a nice kick to the midsection of Ghareeb and Nate clinches, launching an elbow over the top. Dubuque slips coming forward and eats some ckicks to the legs for his trouble before returning to his feet. Dan is coming forward with a nice combination but Nate ducks unter and takes Dubuque to the mat where he has his back Dubuque stands as the round ends. 10-9 Ghareeb.

Round 2: Round 2 begins with a feeling out process then some leg kicks by Ghareeb, Ghareeb clinches and takes Dubuque to the canvas where he gives up his back to stand up. On the feet Ghareeb sits Dan down with a kick and continues to feed those kicks on the ground until Dan returns to his feet and they commence the striking battle. Dan comes forward with a combination that has Ghareeb on his heels now as he scrambles to circle off the fence. These guys are throwing some bombs in there, best fight of the night by far. Dan sends Nate to the canvas with shots and finishes the round on top landing hammer fists. 10-9 Dubuque.

Round 3: Dan isn't even breathing heavy as the third round gets underway. And he is using that energy to put it on Nate a little bit here. Dubuque comes forward with a nice combination that gets the crowds attention as Dubuque is stalking Ghareeb around the cage landing heavy shots at will. Dan seems to have worked the gas out of Ghareeb the longer this one goes. Nate begins to turn up the pace here in the last minute of the round but Dubuque still appears in control. 10-9 Dubuque.

Round 4: Dubuque opens the championship round with a low leg kick and still looks to be the fresher fighter as Dan inadvertantly pokes the eye of Ghareeb in the opening exchange. The Doctor comes in to check on Ghareeb who is having a hard time recovering from this eye poke...Ghareeb finally recovers and we are back to the action. Dan lands a combination that ROCKS Ghareeb and Nate clinches to avoid further damage. Nate grabs a body lock and is using to to control Dubuque until Dan punches his way back to the center of the cage. Dan is landing combinations and the only defense Ghareeb can muster is the clinch. The clinch is working well to stop the offense of Dubuque however as Nate controls the seconds half of this round. Close round 10-9 Dubuque.

Round 5: Dan comes out with vengance here in the fifth but Ghareeb catches a kick and dumbs Dubuque to the ground. Dan uses the fence to stand but it tossed right back to the mat by Ghareeb who is applying heavy pressure here in the fifth and final round. Ghareeb has Dan on the mat briefly here before Dan returns to the feet and comes forward with a left hook that scores. Ghareeb sits Dubuque to the canvas with a knee and it is apparent both of these guys are nearing the end of their gas tanks. A takedown attempt from Dan is stuffed by Nate and they stand in front of each other throwing for the final minute, Dan mixes in a flying knee attempt as the final horn sounds. 10-9 Ghareeb. I believe Dubuque did enough to win this's all up to the cage side judges here in Springfield.

Decision: Dan Dubuque defeats Nate Ghareeb by Split-Decision (48-47, 47-48, 48-47) to capture the CES Featherweight World Title!

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