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CES MMA 70 Live Play-by-Play

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Travis Lizotte "Full Contact Writer"

We have arrived in Springfield, Massachusetts for CES 70 live tonight at the MassMutual Center...doors open in just 15 minutes but Lars and I have hopped across the street to the MGM Grand for a bite to eat before we head to our seats ahead of tonight's opening bell which is due to sound at 7 pm, follow this article throughout the night for live up to the minute updates as we see them from our seats here on press row at CES 70!

Now only 7 fights remain after a hectic day of weigh ins yesterday, all fights will appear on UFC Fightpass and the new start time has this event going off at 8 pm, Continue to follow for updates...

Casey Norton (1-0) v. Adrian Haly (1-1)


Round 1: No glove touch here. Fighters exchange early leg kicks as they look to find their range early here. The length of Casey looks to be working to his advantage as his strikes are landing and Haly's are coming up short here in the early going. Haly finally connects and sends Norton off balance as these guys circle the cage trading combinations. More leg kicks back and forth from these two until Norton lands a nice left hook that gets thr crowd's attention. Casey mixes it up and scores a takedown by slipping a combination from Haly. Casey moves to the back as the round ends with Haly in a scramble. 10-9 Norton.

Round 2: Haly begains the seconds round with a jab and leg kicks before Norton comes forward looking to initiate and begins to land some ill fated combinations. Casey is doing a great job countering wild shots from Haly and landing with intent on the return. Norton slips another combination and gets another double leg takedown and has Haly's back in the center of the cage. Haly scrambles but Norton stays tight to his back and retains postions where he begins to land short strikes. Haly makes it to his feet briefly but Norton sends his right back to the mat. Finally Haly escapes and we return to striking distance. Norton fires a front kick that just misses as the round ends. 10-9 Norton.

Round 3: Haly comes out with what looks to be a little more urgency in the striking department, but Norton is still patient and countering the shots of Haly. Norton starts to find his distance here landing some creative combinations that begin to score. Haly gets wild with his attack and Casey slips to another double leg and again has the back with time to work. Haly stands on the fence and eventually eacapes Norton's graps and returns to range where he needs to get to work if he wants his hand raised. Another takedown for Norton all but secured this one, Haly gets back us with 10 seconds and almost eats a head kick for his troubles. 10-9 Norton.

Decision: Casey Norton defeats Adrian Haly by Unanimous Decision (30-27)

Cody Zappone (1-2) v. Kenny Champion (2-2)