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Combat FC 2 - Recapping all the action

Combat FC hit the ground running back in June and they haven’t slowed down at all! With last weekends show, they have proven that they are a serious contender in the New England MMA scene. With matchmaker Rick Caldwell and an amazing production crew behind them, These events have the crowds wanting more! Before we talk about what's next for Combat FC, let's dive into what we just witnessed.

You want finishes? They are here at Combat FC!

Combat FC 2 had 12 out of 14 fights that didn't even need the judges as they got job done within the distance. All 6 Prelims ended by finish.

Leading that pact was Tristan Turano with a round 2 KO/TKO. Click below to hear Turano talk about the KO on The Room Podcast.

Next fight had Jarrod St. Jean making his return to the combat fc after a round one victory by submission back in June. He kept the round 1 finish streak alive but this time ending the fight by strikes. That's 2 first round finishes for this amateur lightweight.

Crowd favorite Conor Hews also only needs one round, actually just one minute to finish the net fight. Hews sinks in a rear naked choke and ends the fight quick

(Pictured above Stengal Hand raised . Photo Credit : Paulo Lopes Photo /Combat FC)

Nestor Yuja had the fastest KO of the night and only needed 13 seconds in that cage. The 2nd fastest ending to a fight came when the pros stepped in and in a somewhat shocking KO, Stephen Stengal only needed 14 seconds to end his match. Props to Stengal on this one. He has been on a rough streak and to see him get a victory like that was impressive.

(Pictured above Viruet vs Kabouris . Photo Credit : Paulo Lopes Photo /Combat FC)

The last Prelim had the CFC Vacant Welterweight Championship on the line with undefeated Jon Viruet facing off against Dimitri Kabouris who just came off of a huge victory. Both men went all out for this one but in the end Viruets wrestling proved to be too much and Viruet locked in the W and is your NEW CFC AMATEUR WELTERWEIGHT CHAMPION!

(Pictured above Almedia vd Denning . Photo Credit : Paulo Lopes Photo /Combat FC)

After Stengel started off the Pro fights and ended it quickly, It was Matt Denning's & Rodrigo Almeida's turn to take the cage. A grueling fight that had the crowd pumped ended when Almeida was able to lock in an Arm Triangle and get the finish in Round 2.

Another Combat FC "vet" coming back after a round 1 Victory at June's event had Mike Bulger return to the cage. After 2 impressive boxing victories and a round 1 KO/TKO in MMA, Bulger keeps the streak alive with a Rear Naked Choke in round 1. Mike has some HUGE potential and we honestly can't wait until he's back in there! Keep an eye on this rising star!

Next Sanad Armouti, and Jake Pilla both need less than a minute to finish the job by submission. with all these first round finishes the crowd is fired up!

CO- MAIN EVENT: Up comes the Fight of The Night! a 3 round war that the crowd was hungry for! Jacob Bohn vs Jay Bakanowski had everything you wanted from a 3 round fight. Both men landing shots, both men dodging strikes, takedowns, and when you think it was over, both men just kept pushing through and giving the crowd more. Props to both warriors and a well deserved FOTN award! in the end Jacob Bohn leaves victorious!

Main Event had 2 seasoned vets get in there and display a showcase of MMA skills, in round 2 Gesias Cavalcante was able to submit Rick Hawn in round 2 with a smooth Guillotine Submission.

The crowd started clearing out at this point, but the action wasn't done. 2 fights happened after, Postlim results are below for anyone who left early!

KO of the night winner went to Aaron Trecell who landed a beautiful head kick KO and ended the fight in round 1. Last but not least at all, was the heavyweight war between Max Lombardo and Jeff Soivilien. These giants used all 3 rounds and by the end of it Lombardo was the one getting his hands raised. So much respect to Lombardo who just turned 40 making his pro debut. Ending the night showing age is just a number and a mindset, he proved you can do anything you set your mind to!

Also I want to mention Ramiro and the great job he is doing as the ring announcer. He's been the king of radio for years and this is perfect for him. I remember listening to him on 94.5 back in day and he is a great addition to the Combat FC team

A special that you to the whole COMBAT FC team for having us there and can not wait for the next event in February 2023!

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