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COMBAT FC 3 : LIVE PLAY BY PLAY - Tune in for updates all night

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Combat FC 3 takes place here in Wilmington Massachusetts at the Shriners Auditorium. 15 Fights are about to go down!

Conor Hews (1-0,) vs Matthew Heller (3-2,

130 Amateur Catch-weight

Round 1: Hews enters the round knowing exactly what he wants and initiates a takedown. Heller is able to stay standing for a while before Hews attempts a guillotine. Heller pops out and gets to mount. The rest of the round is fought here.

Round 2: Heller lands a right calf kick to start the round. Both men exchange combos with heller throwing strong hooks and hews countering. Heller lands the takedown and gets back to mount . A scramble on the ground ensues and Hews is able to lock in a Triangle Choke.

Results: Conor Hews at 1:59 in round 2 by Submission - Triangle Choke

Nestor Yuja (4-3) vs Mike Jolicoeur (1-1

150 Amateur Catch-weight

Round 1: Both men come out swinging,a ction right from the bell as they trade off against the cage Jolicouer gets the takdown and thretans submission. Yuja pops back up and theya re back to throwing hands. After a brief striking battle Jolicoeur end the round with Yuja against the cage.

Round 2: Jolicoeur lands a left straight, a grapple session ensues and down goes Rita the refferee. He laughs it off and the action gets taken down to the ground. Jolicoeur initias some ground and pound and stays i top control for about a minute, Uja reverses the action and gets this battle back to the feet.

Round 3: Yuja Presses the action and is going for the knockout, mike slows down the rush with a takdown, brief scramble and hes back to his feet. Another takedown and most of the round is spent on the ground with Jolicooeur on top.

Results: Mike Jolicoeur By decision

Jarrod St. Jean (2-0,) vs Saheeb Jackson (1-0,

155 Amateur Lightweight

Round 1: As expected with these 2 warriors all out action fromt he start of the bell. Massive strikes landed by both and Jackson landing a massive takedown in round 1

Round 2: Ledt leg kick and a left cross from s tostart the rounf . Jarrod fires back with some leg kicks. Jackson goes for the takedonw but ends up with hi back agsint the cage. Clinching against the cage with both men having control eats up some time ont he clock, Jackson threathens a guillotine but Jarrod pops out

Round 3: Jarrod goes for a high right kick and jackson kicks his other leg dropping him to the gound. Ref stands him up after a few seconds and jasckson rushes right in. Back grappling agsint the cage . Neither man backing down as both are still throwing power punches. One m ore time agisnst the cage and jarrod get the takedown and gets the back of jackson. Attacks a rear naked choke. Last 10 seconds jarrod transitions to top mount and rains down the ground and pound.

Wild fight!

Results: Saheeb Jackson by Decision

Aaron Trecell (1) vs Stephen Stengal (5-20, )

175 Pro Catch-weight

Round 1: Stengal rushes in for the takedown , Trecell is able to stay on his feet. Stengal lands a knee to the body and dragss a to the ground but Trecell gets right back up. Stengal rushes in with straight punches but gets caught being taken down. Trecell lands some heavy elbows finshing the fight with some brutal ground and pound

Results: 1:37 into round 1 Aaron Trecell by TKO (Gound & Pound Elbows)

Leonardo Ladeira (2-3) vs Aaron Lacy (7-4,

155 Pro Lightweight

Results: FIght Cancelled

Regivaldo Carvalho (6-4) vs Solo Hatley Jr. (10-6, Tri-Force)

145 Pro Featherweight

Round 1: Both men start strong as they close the distance early and bring the action. Key takeaways, Solo gets busted open early above the right eye. Solo

Round 2: Clinch against sint the cage after a brief scramble starts the round. Back in the center of the cage solo presses in until they clinch against the cage. Once broken free Solo lands a straight cross and Carvalho fires back with a straight of his own. Another 2 takedowns by Solo & 2 impressively quick recoveries by Carvalho. most of the round is spent with Solo going after the takedown. Lost of clinching agsint the cage.

Round 3: Immediately Solo shoots in for the takedown. and a scramble ensues that ends with Carvalho almost getting his back taken. Most of the round is spent agaisnt the cage clinching. Both men showing signs of exhaustion. Anyones fight.

Results: Regivaldo Carvalho by Decision

Josh Krejci (1-2, ) vs Travis Demko (2-0, )

140 Pro Catch-weight

Round 1: Neither fighter backs down and after barely escaping a ankle lock Demko fires a HUGE Hammer Fist that stuns Krejci. Demko smells blood and goes in for the kill. Locking a guillotine he gets the finish in round 1

Results: Travis Demko 235 into round 1 by Submission (Guillotine )

Zack Magdis (0-0, ) vs Hal Zanone (1-1,

150 Amateur Catch-weight

Results: Cancelled Bout

Jake Pilla (2-0,) vs Seth Basler (3-12 ,

140 Pro Catch-weight

Round 1: Pilla has the crowd and the momentum behind him as he steps into the cage. He gets a quick takedown and ends the fight after locking in a Von Flue Choke.

Round 2:

Round 3:

Results: Jake Pilla round 1 by Submission (Von Flue Choke)

John Bell (0-0, vs Mike Bezanson (1-

170 Pro Welterweight

Round 1: Both men land leg kicks with Bell giong high and B firing back with his own high kick. Strong left hook by B, B checks a kick that leads to them clinching against the cage. B grabs the eg and lands a massiva takedown. Bell pops out and almost ends up on Bs back but B flips him over his head and gets into full mount. Bis on the attack with some vicious Elbows. Eventually one gets through and the ref jumps right in.

Round 2:

Round 3:

Results: Mike Bezanson in round 1 by TKO

Sanad Armouti (3 - vs Jonathan Piersma (5-1,

170 Pro Welterweight

Round 1: Armouti tries to keep the distance and throws a powerful left, piesrma ducks it and counters with a beautiful overhand right then gets the single leg takedown. Piersma gets top control from mount and is able to land a few shots from top. Armouti tries throwing up submissions but Piersma able to avoid them. Rest of the round is spent with Piersma in complete control from the top and even lands some huge hammer fist and elbows during the last 10 seconds.

Round 2: Armouti straigh bosy kick Strong Side body kick from Piersma Piersma using the Jab nicely and Armouti using his leg kicks, Piersma goes in for the takedown and ends up in side control. Landing some shots from the top Piersma has sanaad in a crucifix and landing shots from the top, Armouti has no defense against the punches and the ref jumps right in.

Results: Jonathan Piersma by TKO

Bruce Richards (0-5, ) vs Jamie Campbell (4-0,

160 Pro Catch-weight

Round 1: Campbell immediately gets Richards to the ground after stuffing a takedown attmept by Richards. Campbell lands a couple shots mixing up hammer fist and elbows . Richards has no answer at the moment. Ref jumps in to stop the fight

Results: Jamie Campbell Tko Round 1

Terrance Jean-Jacques (8-3, S ) vs Dirlei Broenstrup (17-9, FFT

Pro Heavyweight

Round 1: Strong leg kicks and Broenstrup lands a nice right hook. Terrance goes for the takedown and Broenstrup applies a guillotine . Both men able to fight back tho their feet. Terrance quickly gets the takedown but Broenstrup pops right back up. Clinching against the cage both men land shots to the body. Knees to the body land from B. Round ends with both men in the center of the cage.

Round 2: left leg kick then a right leg kick rom Broenstrup. Broenstrup showing the striking advantage as he is more active with the leg kicks and the straights. Terrance goes for the takedoen again but gets stuffed. Rinse and repeat, Takedown attempt get stuffed and Broenstrup lands a few then Terrance shoots again. Broenstrup lands a massive takedown and gets on the back of Terrance. Broenstrup controls the rest of the round landing a few shots and getting so close to sinking in the rear naked choke.

Round 3: Both men giving it all they have. Broenstrup a little more precise in the striking game landing a straight to the body and a few hooks before Terrance goes for the takedown and they end up clinching against the cage. A few breaks from the clinch with both men landing elbows but most of the third round is spent with Terrance holding B against the cage.

Results: Terrance Jean-Jacques by Split Decision

Mohammad Al Kinani (4-1) vs Robert Wusstig (7-11,

155 Pro lightweight

Round 1: Strong right leg kicks by M to start the round, straight right ot the body and a leg kick delivered by Al Kinani. Al controling the center of the cage. Wusstig goes for the takedown and almost gets caught in a guillotine. Makes the adjustment but the takedown gets stuffed. Wusstig shoots again and almost eats a knee. Wusstig finally gets the takedown, after a scramble Wusstig almost almost gets caught in a rear naked choke, 30 seconds later Al Kinani is the one fighting off the rear naked choke. Wild match

Round 2: A attacks the legs again to start the match, spinning back kick is blocked by Wusstig. Al Kinani controlling the center of the cage keeping Wusstig backed up with leg kicks and heavy crosses. Al Kinahi Controls most of this round and keeps Wusstig on the outside of the cage.

Round 3: a touch of the glvoes starts round 3. LEg kick stumbles Wusstig & Al Kinani delivers a solid right hook. LEg kciks are working as you can see its bothering Wusstig. Al Kinani clearly has the striking advantage as he seems to be landing more hooks and punches to the body as teh fight goes on. Wusstig seems to dart in with forward punches looking for the finish.

Results: Mohammod Al Kinani by Decision

Danny Maldonado (1-4, ) vs Dan Cormier (9-10, )

125 Pro Flyweight

Round 1: Dan gets the lead first aldnign some solid straights to the body and jabs. Superman punch lands from Cormier. Cormier lands a huge right hook that drops Maldonado. Action gets back to the feet and Cormier has Maldonado backing up most of the round.

Round 2: Back and fourth action, Cormier in control of most of it, landing more shots and being more aggressive

Round 3:Cormier is aggressive with the calf kicks and they are definitely working. Slowing down Maldonado and the action gets to the ground. Maldonado ends up on top. Not much action but Cormier stays from taking too much damage

Results: Dan Cormier wins by Unanimous Decision

Chris Rooney (0-3, ) vs Marcel Romero (0-0)

145 Pro Featherweight

Round 1: Rooney throws a leg kick and Romero catches it, a quick scramble and Romero throws and illegal knee to a downed opponent. The ref briefly stops the action and deducts a point. Back to it. Romero Lands a left hook and a knee to the body, action resumes against the cage. Antoehr scramble and Romero lands anotehr knee. Rooney is slow to get up and it will be a DQ

Results: Chris Rooney Wins by DQ round number 1

Charalampos Grigoriou (6-3 ) vs Chris Disonell (6-5 )

135 Pro Bantamweight

Round 1: DIsonell landing 2 nice straights to start the fights. G holding the middle of the cage as DIsonell lands a nice left calf kick. G lands a hard left hook and brings the actions goes to the ground for a second and both men return to the center of the cage. Wild exchanges see both men landing hooks. G lands a hard spinning body kick. Round one ends with both men in the center of cage trading shots

Round 2: DIsonell lands a hard straight to start the round and comes in swinging with everything he has. G goes for the takedown and the action ends up against the cage. Chris starts landing some solid shots and G shoots in for the takedown but DIsonell quickly pops up to this feet. DIsonell seems to be landing more at this point. G ends the round with a massive jumping body kick and shoots in for the takedown.

Round 3: LEg kicks lead the way this round as DIsonell lands 3 in a row before G fires back with his own leg kick. G lands a solid left hook . A calf kick sends DIsonell to the ground and hes slow to get back up. G pauses the action and lets him up. Once back they both go on the attack and ends with G going for the takedown and clinching DIsonell against the cage. Round ends with G on top.

Round 4: DR checks DIsonell leg before the round starts. All good. One more calf kick and D tries to get the action to the ground. DIsonell s leg is compromised but he pushes through to go on the attack. G getting a little confident and leaving his arms down. G gets the takedown shortly after. Landing some ground and pound before DIsonell is able to get the action back to their feet. Round ends clinching against the cage.

Round5: G lands 2 more HUGE leg kicks and DIsonell goes in for the takedown almost taking G's back. A few seconds later DIsonell is on his back and G is working from the top. Action gets back to the feet and one more leg kick ends the night as D drops to the ground.

Results: Grigoriou by TKO (LEg Kicks) at 4:01 of round 5

All Results

Conor Hews at 1:59 in round 2 by Submission - Triangle Choke

Mike Jolicoeur By decision

Saheeb Jackson by Decision

Aaron Trecell by TKO at 1:37 into round 1 (Gound & Pound Elbows)

Aaron Lacey vs Leo Lederia - FIght Canceled

Travis Demko 235 into round 1 by Submission (Guillotine )

Jake Pilla round 1 by Submission (Von Flue Choke)

Zack Magdis Vs Hal Zanone - FIght Cancelled

Mohammod Al Kinani by Decision

Dan Cormier wins by Unanimous Decision

Results: Chris Rooney Wins by DQ round number 1

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