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Combat Zone 74: Live Results

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

We're out here at the Doubletree in downtown Manchester for Combat Zone 74: Now or Never. We have 16 fights on tap that are a mix of MMA, Kickboxing, and jiu-jitsu. We'll be providing live results here, and also be posting some content on social media, so make sure you check out our FaceBook and Instagram pages for all the latest here at Combat Zone 74.

Mike Zichelle vs. Rick Hawn (GI Grappling Super Fight)

Rick Hawn defeats Mike Zichelle by arm bar. Hawn worked the position for a few minutes before finally be able to pull Zichelle's arm to a point of no return.

Liam MacNeil vs. Mike Jolicoeur (145 lb Amateur Kickboxing)

In a heavy-handed battle, Mike Jolicoeur prevails and wins via ref stoppage at :14 seconds of the 2nd round due to MacNeil dislocating his shoulder.

Michael Ksander vs. Josh Sweeney (170 lb Amateur Kickboxing)

Josh Sweeney takes out Michael Ksander with a huge body kick after a big flurry in the 3rd round.

Yang Jin vs. Ravee Chav (150 lb Amateur Kickboxing)

In a mostly unentertaining bout, Yang Jin wins via split-decision.

Alex Mandell vs. Jarrid Digangi (185 lb Amateur Kickboxing)

Jarrid Digangi defeats Alex Mandell by unanimous decision.

Carol Powell vs. Amanda Ferreira (140 lb Amateur Kickboxing)

Amanda Ferreira defeats Carol Powell by unanimous decision in a highly entertaining bout. Powell kept Ferreira on her back foot most of the fight, but Ferreira was able to land the cleaner punches and kicks at a higher volume.

Daniel Honeywell vs. Joe Peters (200 lb Amateur Kickboxing)

Joe Peters defeats Daniel Honeywell via TKO (referee stoppage) in the 3rd round.

Hugo Marques vs. Shawn Melanson (No Gi Grappling Super Fight)

Marques and Melanson grapple to a draw after 6 minutes. Awesome action by these two high-level grapplers!.

Kyle Hill vs. Evan Aubrey (170 lb Amateur MMA)

Kyle Hill defeats Evan Aubrey by rear naked choke in the 1st round. Impressive performance by the Nostos MMA product!

Joe Movessian vs. Drew Yeadon (155 lb Amateur MMA)

In whats been fight of the night to this point, Drew Yeadon defeats Joe Movessian by split decision. This one was a back and forth banger that saw both guys drop the other at different points in the fight. The crowd did not agree with the decision, as the pro-Movessian crowd felt he had done enough to earn the victory. Regardless, awesome fight between this two debuting amateurs. Keep an eye out for both these guys, as they looked incredibly sharp for two guys competing in MMA for the first time.

Fred Allen Sfeir vs. Connor Morrill (145 lb amateur MMA)

Fred Allen Sfeir out grinds Connor Morrill in a 3 round battle. Sfeir takes it by unanimous decision.

Bruce Pacy vs. Nayou Shar (265 lb Amateur MMA)

Nayou Shar lands an absolute haymaker that puts Pacy out! Shar celebrates by dancing a jig in the center of the cage. What an absolute right hook from hell from Shar!!

Jideofor Ojukwu vs. Jeff Reynolds (185 lb Amateur MMA)

Ojukwu grinds out a win by getting takedowns and utilizing heavy top pressure. Reynolds had his moments, but Ojukwu's grappling was too much, and he took home a unanimous decision victory.

Tom Pagliarulo vs. Elias De Oliveira (160 lb Pro MMA)

Tom Pags lands a knee from hell and follows it up with elbows to his opponent who's half unconcious. The ref steps in and stops the fight at 11 seconds of the first round and declares Tom Pagliarulo the winner by TKO.

Nick Fiore vs. Jerome Mickle (165 lb Pro MMA)

2-0 Nick Fiore takes on the toughest opponent of his young career in Mickle. Ealry on Mickle is winning the striking battle on the feet, but Fiore eventually gets the fight to the mat and works his superior ground game in top position. He eventually mounts Mickle and rains down some heavy elbows before the ref steps in to stop the fight. Fiore weathered the early storm, and showed some toughness before he got the fight to where he wanted it.

Carlton Charles vs. Spencer Payne (185 lb Amateur MMA Championship)

I've seen Spencer Payne fight a few times, and he's been nothing but impressive in the cage. This fight was no different. Payne had Charles in an arm triangle for the final minute of the 1st round, but he couldn't get it locked up to finish the submission, as Charles defended well. In the 2nd round Payne throws a head kick as Charles was changing levels, and it landed flush on the chin, knocking out Charles early in the 2nd round. Spencer Payne is a serious problem for middleweights in the region. He's now 4-0 and will surely be at the top of the heap in the ammy 185 rankings when they come out before the end of the year.

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