Combat Zone 76: Live Play-By-Play

Updated: Apr 16

Tonight we are here at the Hilton Double Tree in Manchester, New Hampshire for Combat Zone 76. This card will host a mix of kickboxing, grappling and MMA bouts. There are a slew of unknown fighters looking to make a name for themselves in their debuts on the undercard; leading to a stacked main card including: the long awaited professional debut of Mike Bezanson and in the Main event #2 Middleweight in New England Tim Caron looks to get back on track against heavy hitter Darrius Flowers.

Anthony Loycano vs. Paddy Ivers

Professional 170lb Grappling Bout

Round 1: The match starts off and both men are battling for grips. Ivers attempts to pull guard and lands in half. Loycano tried to pull himself out of Ivers half guard and Ivers pulls him back into his half guard on the other side. Loycano reaches back for a kneebar and quickly falls back getting the immediate tap!

Tapout to Kneebar (2:04 Rd1) winner Anthony Loycano

Michael Ksander vs. George Theos

Amateur 155 lb Kickboxing Bout

Round 1: Theos starts by throwing a flying roundhouse which glances off the guard. Both Men trade straights. Ksander with a few good roundhouses to the body. Theos trying to keep Ksander at bay with the teep. Theos with some nice hooks that's land. Ksander with a body kick and Theos returns with a straight.

Pretty back and forth. Theos moving forward a lot but the biggest strikes were the kicks by Ksander to the midsection id call it a 9-9

Round 2: Both Men are trading some heavy punches to the face to start the round. K sander with two teeps and Theos with question mark kick. Theos hurt him with a punch and starts to pour it on him with his hands. During the flurry he lands one big clean knee to the stomach. The round ends with Ksander landing leg kicks and Theos landing punches to the face

10-9 Theos, both men showed aggression and landed good shots but Theos took it with the flurry.

Round 3: Both men are trading. Ksander with a big clean straight. More kicking attack from Ksander and Theos willing to trade with the hands. Both men start really unloading shots with their hands to close out the fight. Ksander landing two really big flush right hooks during the final brawl. Great fight these guys went to war!

Going to give a 10-9 to Ksander on this one Theos had some more flurries but Ksander landed some really heavy clean shots.

Split Decision Victory (29-28 Ksander, 29-28 Theos, 29-28 Ksander) winner Michael Ksander

Chris Mederios vs. Justin Santiago

Juniors 160 lb Kickboxing Bout

Round 1: Big knee by Mederios to the body. Santiago with some big punches in the clinch. Santiago continuing to flurry in the clinch. Mederios returning with some knees to the body and some punches of his own. Santiago with a big knee that appeared to land to the rib cage and Mederios is down and they call the fight.

TKO (Knee, 0:56 Rd 1) winner Justin Santiago

Bruce Pacy vs. Graham Keohane

Amateur 240 lb Kickboxing Bout

Round 1: Pacys has stuck Keohane with maybe 6 jabs and then lands a big body kick. Pacy flurries on Keohane with some punches to the head and the breaks away. Another big punch to the body by Pacy and the a big straight the face that drops Keohane. Pacy has Keohane up against the fence and is unloading on him with punches to the body and face as the round ends.

10- 8 Pacy If not a 10-7 completely one sided traffic and some big shots landing including the drop

Round 2: Pacy has slowed down significantly but is still landing his jab. Little kick to the body by Keohane. Pacy unloads some big straights on Keohane and pushes him up against the cage to flurry on him some more. The ref has seen enough and calls the fight.

TKO (Punches, 1:08 Rd 2) winner Bruce Pacy

Dimitri Kabouris vs. Tristan Wood

Amateur 170 lb Kickboxing Bout

Round 1: Kabouris is pumping out his jab and Wood lands a nice right overhand. A straight for kabouris and another overhand right for Wood. Wood with another big overhand right. kabouris clinches and lands some knees. Another big overhand in the clinch. for wood. They seperate Wood lands another overhand and then flurries. The ref pulls Wood of of Kabouris but calls it a down not a stoppage. The fight is called back on right as the round ends.

10-8 Wood was the aggressor and hes landing more shots and the bigger shots as well

Round 2: Nice straight from Kabouris. Big outside leg kick from Wood. A nice two hook combo for Wood. A few more hooks for Wood and the ref calls it another down. Wood lands another hard outside leg kick and eats a straight to end the round.

Another 10-8 for Wood

Round 3: Kabouris drops Wood with a straight to start the third. Big overhand lands for Wood. Big right hook drops Kabouris. Ref goes to count and he calls the fight.

TKO (Right hook 1:14 Rd 3) winner Tristan Wood

Conor Hews vs. Cooper Mccallion

Amateur 170 lb Kickboxing Bout

Round 1: Cooper moving forward throwing some hooks and Hews lands a jab. Jab, straight, inside leg kick lands for Hews. Hews with a straight kick to the face. Ball shot by Cooper breaks the action. Nice hook to the body by Cooper. Both men trade two right hands. Nice lead left hook by Hews to end the round.

10-9 Hews, Cooper is the aggressor but not a lot of his shots are landing

Round 2: Hews gets the plum and lands about 10 big knees to the arms of Cooper. He then flurries with some punches up against the cage and gets the ref to call a down. Hews jumps on Cooper right as the fight starts back up and this flurry gets the ref to call the fight.

TKO (Punches, 1:12 Rd 2) winner Conor Hews