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Combat Zone 77 : Live Play by Play

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

New England MMA is here live in the house as Combat Zone brings another banger of a card to the Queen City Manchester NH! A total of 14 fights is sure to please the crowd! 1 Jiujitsu, 7 Amateur Kickboxing, 2 Amateur MMA and 4 Pro MMA fights is a nice combo of violence for the night!

The building is filling up and the energy is high as the night is about to start!!

Jacob Dube vs. John McAndrews

NO-GI Jiujitsu (170 Pounds)

Round 1 : A clap of the hands starts the matchup, McAndrews gets pushed against the fence, while Jacob controls the inside. after a brief standup grappling match, Jacob gets caught in a headlock and taken down. A quick scramble and Jacob ends up on the back of McAndrews, locks in a rear naked choke and end the match.

Results : Winner by RNC / Jacob Dube

Dylan Medeiros vs. Tristan Wood

Amateur Kickboxing

Round 1 : Dylan Medeiros makes his amateur debut tonight and with a touch of gloves the fight is on. A couple leg kicks followed by a superman punch connects, Wood goes on the offensive keeping Medeiros against the cage. Medeiros fires back and takes it back to the center, Woods fly's back in with a jury of punches, ref jumps in to start the count. couple seconds later they start back up and Wood comes in firing punches to end the fight quickly

Results : 1:44 seconds of the first round - Tristan Wood by K/O

Justin Santiago vs. Eddy Comeau

Amateur Kickboxing

Round 1 : Eddy Comeau comes our with fierceness in his eyes, starring down the competition. both men firing punches right off the bat, eddy has the clear size advantage and lands a solid punch against Justin. Justin pushes through it and fires a barrage of lefts and rights. Justin takes over the fight pushing eddy backwards as eddy fires a counter shot slowing down Justins advance. round 1 ends with both men throwing punches. Crowd is fired up.

10-9 Justin

Round 2: Justin comes out controlling the cage then gets hit by a barrage of lefts and rights, winds up dropping eddy and the ref stops the action to let eddy get back to his feet. Justin now in control and feeling confident pushes eddy back with punches, ref breaks and both men return to the center. 10 second warning hits and both men are looking a little tired from the nonstop action. round ends

10-9 Justin

Round 3: Justin gets some clean leg shots in to start the third,. eddy fires back with a clean left hand. both men are exhausted but trying to land on each other. A couple shots and her and there from both men. Hard to judge this round but both men scored points, portably lean towards Justin

10-9 Justin

Results: Justin Santiago by Decision

Carter Whitty vs. Daylnn Cossingham

Amateur Kickboxing

Round 1 : both en start off with strong body kicks. Whitty goes down, get back up and seconds later cossingham goes down. both men clinching a few times trading knees. round one ends in clinch.

Round 2: Cossingham starts off with a flurry of punches, Carter able to block most of them and motions for Dayton to keep firing them. both men trade mostly punches and clinching. round ends and crowd likes what they see.

10-9 Cossingham

Round 3: both men come out with everything they have throwing punches and trying to get ahead, clinch ensues and ref stops, Cossinham lands a big right and the crowd erupts, as the 10 second timer hits both men give it everything they have!

10-9 crossinham

Results : Crossinham by decision

Mike Jolicoeur (1-0) vs Julian Connerton (2-0)

Amateur Kickboxing

Round 1 : Action starts off right away as these warriors come out swinging. Couple low kicks and straights land from Jolicoeur. Julian fries back a few of his own

10-9 Connerton

Round 2: Round starts off hot with action right away, clinches ensue and the ref jumps in. Connerton gets the best of this round landing more punches and body kicks.

10-9 connerton

Round 3: Connerton looking confident as they look across the cage to one another, Jolicoeur is showing heart and firing back but Connerton seems to have the power advantage.

10-9 Connerton

Results : Unanimous Decision

Brandon Demoura vs Fred Allen Sfier

Amateur MMA

Round 1 : a stand up b battle starts this Mma contest. Sfier controlling the inside as both en land a few leg kicks. Sfier goes in for the takedown, gets Demoura down to one knee and is able to spin him around securing the takedown. Demoura gets his back against the cage. Sfiergets to the back and almost secures the RNC. Demoura able to fight the hands and the round ends with skier on the back

10-9 sfier

Round 2 : start off with both men standing for about 30 seconds and firing punches. Sfier level changes and goes for the takedown. Sevures it quickly but Demoura is able to get right back up, another takedown ends with Sfier on the back. Demoura is fighting to get back to his feet. but Demoura is relentless with the takedowns. Round ends with Demoura on the back.

10-9 Sfier

Round 3 : Sfier shows off his stringing land a right hick and a clean left leg kick. both men decide to keep the round on the feet with Sfier landing more kicks and going in for the takedown with one minute left in the round. Demoura showing his warrior spirit and fighting to the last second, and almost catching Sfier in a triangle with seconds left in the fight.

10-9 Sfier

Results : Unanimous Decision Fred Allen Sfier

Michael Ksander vs RJ Janeczek

Amateur Kickboxing

Round 1 : Both warriors touch gloves and come out hard. RJ landing a few overhand right while Ksnader lands leg kicks that you can hear from across the venue. Low Blow from RJ stops the action for a minute. RJ seems like the quicker fighter landing bodyshots and straight rights over and over.

10-9 RJ janeczek

Round 2: Rj put son the pressure quickly and lands a few big shots that get the crowd to ready and Ksander to back up. Ksander pushes trough and reclaims the center of the ring. landing a big body shot. closer round but RJ I think landed a few more

10 - 9 RJ Janeczek

Round 3: Quick delay to the start due to doctor talking to Ksander about something. RJ comes out strong once the match starts and lands a clean shot to the body forcing Ksander against the cage, Ksander fires back with. knee to the body then gets dropped with a punch by RJ. RJ clearly the one controlling the fight. Dropping Ksander, the ref jumps in to start a 10 count. Round ends as the count is going on

Results : Unanimous Decision Round 3

Lucas Moreira (0-0) vs Jarrid Digangi(2-1)

Amateur Kickboxing

Round 1: Lucas making his kickboxing debut and bring the energy with him! Lucas firing a few headlocks to start the fight, Jarrid able to block them as both men trade jabs and straight right until a clinch ensues. Lucas able to land some big punches as Jarrid id against the cage. Jarred able to clinch, land some knees and get back to the center of the cage.

10-9 Moreira

Round 2: Lucas applies pressure firing right hands pressing Jarrid up against the cage. Lucas controlling the round knocking Jarrid won with a kick. Jarrid is fighting back but Lucas clearly has the power advantage.

10 - 9 Moreira

Round 3: round 3 Jarrid comes out landing a nice combo and continues to outstrip Lucas, at one point the crowd erupts and Lucas sticks out his tongue like he is enjoying the battle. A clinch and some big knees followed by solid straights from Jarrid gets the crowd going! Great fight!

10-9 Digangi

Results : Split Decision Jarrid Digangi

Josh Medeiros vs CJ Levesque

Amateur Kickboxing

Round 1 :Levesque comes out strong as the faster striker.Mederios able to land a strong knee to the face in the clinch. Both men giving it all they have in this round.

10-9 Levesque

Round 2: Levesque lands some big straights and right crosses to send Medeiros back to the cage, Low blow to Levesque splits up the action. Round 2 is high paced back and forth. tough to judge.

10-9 Medeiros

Round 3: Levesque seems to be controlling this last round. gets a knockdown early. HUGE spinning kick lands from Levesque sending medeiros to the ground. Medeiros ends the round strong.

10-9 medeiros

Results: Unanimous Decision Josh Medeiros

Dimitri Kabouris vs Hunter Darling

Amateur MMA

Round 1 : Dimitri comes in throwing a straight left then pulling guard and dragging Hunter on top of him, almost locks in the triangle as Hunter slams him to the ground! Dimitri is able too hold on and secures an armo bar. Crowd erupts!

Results : Dimitri by Submission

Jordan Kameron (2-1) vs Tom Pagiarulo

Professional MMA

Round 1 : Crowd is strongly behind New England Cartel booing Kameron and Exploding when tom gets announced. Tom take over the center of the cage as they strike back and forth, about 1 and minutes in Kameron lands a big take down and secures the back, Immediately attacks a rear naked choke, l the crowd goes quite as it looks like he's about to get chocked out. Somehow he spins out of it and ends top on top and initiates the ground and pounds. crowd erupts as he jumps on top and wraps the neck initiating a submission o this own!

Results : Tom Pagiarulo Submission - 3:12 guillotine choke

Cedric Lochard vs Ramano Medina

Professional MMA

Round 1 : Ramano shoots in early for the takedown and Cedric stand his ground against the cage. Cedric fires a few elbows from the top and the 2 clinch against the cage. Cedric is able to free himself and get back to the center. Cedric looking for the KO with a big leg kick to the head. Ramano level changes and shoots in for the takedown, Cedric defends it . Cedric utilizing the Jab to keep Ramano at bay with his takedowns. Change of pace as cedar initiates the takdown but its stuffed. With 10 seconds left Cedric gets the takedown but Ramona is right back up.

10-9 Cedric Lochard

Round 2: Cedric clearly has the striking advantage as he lands a few punches to the head and Ramano instantly goes for and secures another takedown. Ramano is relentlessly pursuing a rear naked choke from the back of Cedric. after 3 minutes Cedric is able to turn things around and end up on top in the full guard . battling for position Cedric end up in a tight triangle and is able to slam Ramano on the ground and squeeze his arm out of a tight grip.

10-9 Ramano Medina

Round 3: Ramano sticks to his gameplay and brings Cedric right down. easily gets to this back and starts going after a RNC. unable to finish it cedar is able to turn things around again and get on top. 4 minutes in they get back to the center of the cage and Ramano shoots in to secure another takedown. 20 seconds left for him to finish it! The bell rings and we will go to decision.

10-9 Ramano Medina

Results : Split Decision Ramano Medina

George Sheppard vs Nick Fiore

Professional MMA

Round 1 : Fiore comes out as the strong crowd favorite. First 30 seconds it a feeling out process followed by a front kick by Fiore, quick clinch Sheppard is press against the cage. Fiore sweeps the leg and scores takedown. Sheppards up and Fiore ends up on top, after a quick scramble nick had a bodylock and the back of Sheppard. Locks in the RNC and gets the submission

Results : Nick Fiore by Rear Naked Choke Round 1

Alton Cunningham vs Tim Caron

Professional MMA

Round 1 : Immediate action to start the fight and Tim quickly gets a takedown but Alton is back up in a second. Clinch ensues with knees to the body from both men. Alton takes control and put Tim back against the cage. Alton lands a strong right that send Tim to the ground and alton throws a big knee, Look like almost a KO but the ref calls a timeout. Point Deduction for Alton

Action begins again and Tim goes for the takedown, Alton lands some solid elbows to the back of the head and drops Tim. The ref jumps in and calls another timeout for an illegal blow.

Results : 2:08 winner to DQ for illegal strikes to the back of the head - TIM CARON

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