Combat Zone 78: LIVE Play by Play Results

Updated: Nov 19

Manchester NH is ready! The fighters are ready! Are you Ready !!!!

170 lb. Amateur Kickboxing Bout

Xavier Quinones (0-0) vs. hunter darling (0-0)

All out war to start the night off. The crowd burst into cheers at the end of 3 hard fought rounds

New England MMA Live Results: Xavier Quinones by Decision

140 lb. Amateur Kickboxing Bout

miguel rodriguez (0-o) vs. connor morril (0-0)

Round 1 : Morril pressed the action and he is using the reach advantage very wisely. 10-9 Morril

Round 2: Strong body kicks from Rodriguez to start the round and Morril able to press the action to the cage where both men land a few punches. Morril clearly in control as he lands a combo that has Rodriguez with his back against the cage. 10-9 Morril

Round 3: Pretty close round as Rodgriguez came out swinging. still 10-9 Morril

New England MMA Live Results: Connor Morril wins by Unanimous Decision

205 lb. Amateur Kickboxing Bout

ian morrison (0-0) vs. trey legraw (0-0)

After 3 hard fought rounds with Morrison focusing on body kicks and leg raw pressing the action with some slick punching combos, we go to the judges.

New England MMA Live Results: Trey Legraw by Unanimous Decision

170 lb. Amateur Kickboxing Bout

Jaden Alfred (Defensive Edge MMA) vs Sean Corcoran

Round 1: Both men bringing the heat to start this fight and landing some punches before Alfred drops but catches himself, back to the feet and Corcoran lands a few punches before Alfred mouth piece gets knocked out and the fight gets paused round ends shortly after. 10-9 Cocoran

Round 2: Cocoran gets a reaction from Alfred and the crowd with a solid straight about 40 seconds into the first round. Alfred walks through it and presses the action. Alfred controls the center of the cage but Corcoran is countering nicely. close round but 10-9 Corcoran

Round 3: Alfred comes out with everything he has and lands some big shots that get the crowds reaction in a big way. I think Alfred took this one . 10-9 Alfred

New England MMA Live Results: Sean Cocoran by Unanimous Decision

115 lb. Amateur kickboxing Bout

Alecia Palmer (0-0) First Class MMA vs. Melissa Santos (0-0) Burgess MMA 135 lb.

Round 1 : quick touch of the flocks and Santos through quickly, followed bt a straight body kick, palmer strikes back with a straight and the 2 return to the center of the cage. round ends with both warriors swinging. Close round but 10-9 Santos.

Round 2 : Palmer walks down Santos as she eats a couple body kicks. both landing shots. too close to call this round.

Round 3: Palmer comes our with fury in her hands as she swings with some vicious left and rights. Santos able to move back and land some strong body shots while avoiding big damage. Santos fires back and the crowd erupts, these 2 are leaving it all out there. Palmer able to land a big power shot that sends Santos back to the cage but Santos recovers and the round ends. 10-9 Palmer

New England MMA Live Results: Melissa Santos Defeats Alecia Palmer by Split Decision

29-28 Palmer

29-28 Santos

29-28 Santos

Amateur Kickboxing Bout

CJ Levesque (0-1) vs. Kalyvn Huon (0-0)

155 lb. Amateur Kickboxing Title Bout

Justin Santiago (2-0) Speros MMA vs. Mike Jolicoeur KTA Nashua (2-0)

Round 1: touch of the gloves and a quick clinch followed by knees from jolicoer, another clinch and J trips Santiago with a low quick Jolicoeu controls most of the round but Santiago puts on the pressure at the end. Nice ending for Santiago but 10-9 Jolicoeur

Round 2: Jolicoeur Doesn't need the stool in between rounds and is ready for the 2nd. Santiago throws a spinning body kick that Jolicoeur avoids. Big right landed by Santiago as Jolicoeur closes the distance. 10-9 Jolicoeur

Round 3: Huge straight right from Santiago sends Jolicoeur back into the cage. J able to press back and get s against the cage . HUGE LEFT HEAD KICK by Jolicoeur sends Santiago to the ground and he raises his hands in victory. Walk off Head Kick KO.

New England MMA Live Results: Mike Jolicoeur wins by KO at 1:27 of Round 3 (Head kick)

185 Lb. Amateur MMA Bout

Tyler Greene (0-0) vs. Lucas Moreira (0-0)

Round 1: Moreira locks in a guillotine that turns into a standing guillotine, action breaks and Greene lands a knee to the body. Moreira fires a head kick that gets the crowds and his opponents reaction . Greene comes back with a clean left straight to the body. acton slows down as they grapple against the cage. t 10 seconds left green comes in strong with a big shot to the head and a huge slam, secures the takedown and Greene ends the round on top.

Round 2: M fires a right hook that Greene evades then M lands a huge left hook that drops Green to the canvas. M quickly jumps on top and try to secure the choke, switches to an armor and action slows a green defends the armor,. Huge props to Greene for recovering so quick after that punch,. Moreira lands some shots while trying to secure the submission. Green able tasty stacked and avoid the armor. 10-9 Moreira

Round 3: M quickly gets the fight to the crowd and starts initaing some ground and pound while Greene defends on his knees. Ref stands the action up, Crowd disapproves. More gets the action back to the ground quickly and after about 20 seconds of ground and pound, strikes to the head, the ref jumps in and stops the fight.

New England MMA Live Results: Lucas Moreira wins by TKO (Ground and pound/ ref stoppage) at 1:30 of Round 3