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Combat Zone 81 : LIVE PLAY BY PLAY

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Combat Zone returns to the Queen City, Manchester NH for Combat Zone 81. Follow along as we recap the action live!

Lets GOOOOOOO! Combat Zone always bring the action! Doors opened at 3:30 and the first fight takes place at 5pm. New England MMA is in the house to bring you updates and breaking news all night. Stayed Tuned!

Julian Reza (0-0) vs. Kevin Barzola (0-0)

185 lbs AM Kickboxing

** Barzola's original opponent was Robbie Fahey, but when the fight starts Julian Reza is standing across from Barzola in the cage

NEMMA Live Results: Kevin Barzola wins by Unanimous Decision

Abdinajib Adan (0-0) vs. Brendan Martin (1-0)

160 lbs AM Kickboxing

NEMMA Live Results: Abdinajib wins by Majority Decision

Marc Munroe vs. Kalvyn Huon

140 lbs AM Kickboxing

NEMMA Live Results: Kalvyn Huon Wins by KO in round 1

Adrian Lopez (0-0) vs. Zach Bylykbashi (0-0)

145 lbs AM MMA

Round 1: Lopez fires a 1-2 and Bylykbashi lands a beautiful single leg but Lopez able to get back ot his feet quick. Another few exchanges of leg kicks on the feet and Bylykbashi lands another beautiful takedown. Bylykbashi able to get the back and flatten out Lopez. A few moments later the fight is over after Bylykbashiu lands some heavy ground and pound.

NEMMA Live Results: Zach Bylykbashi defeats Adrian Lopez 2:02 of first round by TKO

Dimitri Kabouris vs. Trevor Gudde

195 lbs No-Gi Grappling Match

NEMMA Live Results: Trevor Gudde wins by Armbar Submission

Peyton Lawler (1-0) vs. Steve Hill (1-1)

170 lbs AM MMA

Round 1: Hilkl comes out with heavy straight punches that rocks Lawler and Lawler shoots in putting a pause in the action pressing it agains the cage. HIll gets it back to the middle of the cage and throws eveyrhint with massive power behind it. Hill is going top the finish. Lawler shoots again but Hill stuffs it. A brief pause in the actuin as tge ref wants the doctor to check the cut on Lawlers face. Dr says to continue. Hill doesnt slow down coming full force with everything he has. Lawler weathers teh storm again and secures the takedown. Lawler gets the back , flattens out Hill and lands some ground and pound before the round ends. Wow what a crazy turn around at the end of round 1. Lawler was getting rocked the whole time and almsot wound up finishing Hill at the buzzer.

Round 2: Lawler throws a leg kick and eats a hard punch from Hill that absolutely rocks lawler. Lawler goes down and the ref jumps in.

NEMMA Live Results: Steve Hill win s at :17 seconds of round 2 by TKO

Ryan Silva (0-1) vs. Jojo Gonzalez (1-0)

150 lbs AM MMA

Round 1: Both men fire some leg kicks. Gonzalez closes the distance and fires some shots that stumble Silva. Gonzalez ends up on top but stands up to keep the action on the feet. Gonzales unloads a flurry of punches against the cage and flips Silva to the ground Gonzalez clearly in control of this fight at the moment. Gonzalez stands up and gets the action abkt ot he feet again. Silva coems out with some heavy right hands but Gonzales able to dodge them. The round ends with Silva on the ground. Clear 10-9 Gonzales, maybe even 10-8

Round 2: Gonzalez fires a takedown after a minute of some back and forth leg kicks but silva able to stand his ground. Neither man backs down as they both fire a combo of leg kicks and punches. Eventually Gonzalez gets the takedown and after about a minute he stands up and the action returns to the feet. Round ends with both men on their feet but definitely a 10-9 for Gonzalez

Round 3: Silva shoots for a a takedown early and eats an uppercut. Drops to the canvas and the ref jumps in.

NEMMA Live Results: Jo Jo Gonzalez wins at of :32 round 3 by KO (Uppercut)

Miguel Rodriguez (0-1) vs. Rudy Lopez (0-0)

125 lbs AM MMA

Round 1: Lopez controls the center of the cage for most of the round landing a fe pnuches and eating leg kicks while keeping Rodriguez with his back against the cage.

Round 2: Most of the round is a repeat of the first round with random moments of all out haymakers thrown by both fighters.

Round 3: Rodriguez presses the action and holds the center of the cage for the beginning of the fight. but most of the same. A few leg kicks and short burst of punches. The last 10 seconds of the fight both men come alive and throw everything. A little too late though.

NEMMA Live Results: Rudy Lopez wins By Split Decision

Isaiah Longs (0-0) vs. Rafael Lopez (1-1)

155 lbs AM MMA (3x3)

Round 1: Both men onnect early with longs being more aggresive with the punching combos. Longs seems to have the speed advantage.

Round 2 & 3 were a lot of the same.

NEMMA Live Results: Isiah Long wins by Split Decision

Angel Sanchez (0-0) vs. Calvin Dalton (0-0)

125 lbs AM MMA

Round 1: Dalton secures a takedown early and gets the back immediately . Locking in a RNC about a minute later and getting the submission victory when his opponent is chocked unconscious.

NEMMA Live Results: Calvin Dalton Wins at 43 secdonds of round 1 by Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

Wyatt Knopfke (1-0) vs. Chris Martel (0-0)

265 lbs AM MMA (3x3)

Round 1: Leg kicks from Martel keep Knopfke at bay. Eventually Knopke gets through with the hands hands and drops Martel. Knopke smells blood and foes for the finish firing some heavy ground and pound. The ref jumps in and its over.

NEMMA Live Results: Wyatt Knopke wins at 2:30 of the first round by KO (Ground and pound punches)

Joey Tirado (0-0) vs. Thurman Hargrove (0-0)

135 lbs

Round 1: Strong leg kick by Hargrove to start the fight. A takedown attempt by Tirado shortly follows. A scramble and the action gets back to the feet. After a few more shots Hargrove unloads on Tirado with some vicious Punching Combos Hargrove drops Tirado and ends the fight with some brutal ground and pound.

NEMMA Live Results: Thurman Hargrove wins by TKO at 1:57 of round 1

Julian Reza vs. Nuridiin Abrar (*******Cancelled******)

170 lbs

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

NEMMA Live Results:

Ashley Barrett (4-1) vs. Maria Kritikos (0-0)

125 lbs AM MMA

Combat Zone Flyweight Championship

Round 1: Barret lands soe punches to the face right away and gets an immediate takedown, full mounts, Kritikos turns around and Barret Flattens her out and lcoks in the Rear Naked Choke, seconds later the ref jumps in and its over.

NEMMA Live Results: Ashley Barrett wins by Submission at :34 seconds of round 1

Jon Ciampa (2-1) vs. Josh Mercado (2-0)

185 lbs Pro MMA (3x5)

Round 1: The first few monutes is spent with both men trying to find their range and after a minute Ciampa firs a body kick that is caught and leads to a takedown by Mercado. Ciampa threatens a triangle then switches to an armbar. Mercado able to fight them off and get the fight back to the feet. Up agasint the cage now Ciampa throws a Conor Mcgregor style shoulder strike, but MErcado able to get the takedown a moment later. Mercado on top lands a beautiful elbow. The round ends with Mercado raining down punches.

Round 2: A couple leg kicks from Ciampa and Mercado lands a huge straigh left that hurts ciampa, Mercado rushes in and goes for the takedown and a moment later is on top in side control. Mercado spends most of the time in control from the top raining down spurts of ground and pound until the ref finally jumps in and calls it.

NEMMA Live Results: Josh Mercado win at 2:50 of round 2 by TKO (Ground & pound)

Joe Poirier (2-0) vs. David Juliano (2-2)

125 lbs Pro MMA (3x5)

Round 1: Joe Poirier was in control the whole fight. His key to victory was his crisp striking and solid uppercut. The first uppercut lands and the crowd erupts. A few seconds later he drops Juliano and its over

NEMMA Live Results: Joe Poirier wins by TKO at :38 seconds of round 1

Brendon Marotte (7-1) vs. Lionel Young (11-20)

155 lbs Pro MMA / Main Event (3x5)

Round 1: Marotte comes out heavy with strong punches, Young clinches and gets the fight to the ground. Young ends up in side control and fires down some shots which almost causes Marotte to give up his back. After a scramble the action slows down and the crowd wants the ref to stand them up. Yound throws up a submission attempt and Marotte is able to capitalize and gget the action back tot hje feet. Marotte is firing everything he has and eventually drops young. Marotte smells blood and goes in for the submission locking in the rear naked choke! Young taps and the fights over!

NEMMA Live Results: Brendon Marotte wins by Submission at 3:30 (Rear Naked Choke) in round 1

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