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Danbury CT's Omar Bordoy Jr. Victorious in His Boxing Return

Danbury, CT's, Omar Bordoy Jr. (originally 11-1) welcomed the beginning of 2023 with pure violence. After nearly two years off due to COVID implications amongst other issues, "The Beast" returned to the ring on Friday night across from the veteran in Gonzalo Carlos Dallera under the bright lights of Star Boxing in Worcester, MA.

The 5'5" Super Lightweight (11-1 before this fight) had been reeling off great performances before COVID put most sports and gatherings to rest for some time. Omar was fighting very consistently with 4 fights in 2019 and was putting forth great performances too. Some may never realize how much that pandemic affected some, however in this case, Omar wasn't able to compete for nearly two years. This can be a huge problem for an athlete as the momentum was clearly there and Omar was on track to have a break-through year in 2020. Although the pandemic put a halt to Bordoy Jr's boxing career, Omar remained composed and worked through these hard years to prepare for now: his return.

Training out of Champs Boxing Club in Danbury, CT, Bordoy Jr. is surrounded by other big prospects with great work ethic in guys like Juiseppe Cusumano, Vincenzo Carita, Fernely Feliz Jr., and many other great training partners. The boxing culture inside that gym is second to none especially with high level coaching and preparation from coaches like Dave McDonough, Bennie Little, and Gareth McCloskey (Farmerstrength). Although the competitive side of things were paused, the team spent countless hours together preparing and training for this night. Omar had done a great deal of work to get ready for his return.

This matchup, originally contracted for six rounds, ended up going about 2.5 total rounds before the vicious left hook of Bordoy Jr. struck the jaw of Carlos Dallera and down he went. As soon as "The Beast" landed this left, he knew it was over as he ran to his corner and jumped up on the ropes letting out his excitement after a beautiful third round highlight reel knockout. Bordoy Jr. advanced to 12-1 and kicked off the New Year in great fashion as his momentum picks up and he begins his tear through this division again.

The Champs Boxing Team is fired up with this big victory and the victory of Fernely Feliz Jr. a couple weeks ago, too. They plan to let the momentum carry on through 2023 as fighters like Vincenzo Carita and Juiseppe Cusumano have yet to make their first appearances in the ring this New Year. With a team like this, it only adds to the fire. Follow along as this team has a bright future ahead.

Video Contributed by Dave McDonough

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