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Daniel "Diamond Hands" Amesbury Victorious at Rough N Rowdy 20: Hells Bells

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

The team at Champs Boxing in Danbury, CT added another win to their fantastic start of 2023. On Friday night, Daniel "Diamond Hands Amesbury" made his second appearance under the Rough N' Rowdy banner and gained his second RNR victory by KO. Rough N' Rowdy 20: Hell's Bells was everything and more that the name itself suggests. Pure chaos (in a good way) and excitement inside the Charleston Coliseum in West Virginia. As some may know, Rough N Rowdy was taken over by Dave Portnoy and the rest of the Barstool Sports crew in 2017. This promotion is known to have one of the most exciting and outrageous atmospheres at its events. Rough N Rowdy allows fighters to take part in their shows as long as they have never boxed at the professional level. The fights go on for three rounds at just one minute a piece. These fighters absolutely bring it and brawl for the short amount of time they fight. Many bouts don't make it to the distance and end by KO/TKO instead. Rough N Rowdy is known to be one of the most fan-friendly atmospheres and along with these awesome fights, their commentating staff is known to have thrilling broadcasts. Many fans will also remember the ring girl twerking contests that go on through the event adding more energy to the buzzing crowd.

Daniel "Diamond Hands" Amesbury is originally from British Columbia, Canada and has been a professional hockey player since 2011 with teams like the Danville Dashers (FHL), Columbus Cottonmouths (SPHL), and two teams in the CHL, the Tulsa Oilers and the Denver Cutthroats. Amesbury is currently with the Danbury HatTricks, a team in the Federal Prospects Hockey League from Danbury, Connecticut. He is a forward on the team but on top of his professional hockey career, Amesbury is also a boxer. What a coincidence you may say....... a hockey player AND a boxer. Well, let your mind travel for a second and realize the connection between these two sports. Within the sport of hockey, in-game brawls are one of the most thrilling topics to talk about. When hockey players get fired up, you can see come pretty thrilling scraps on the ice. Amesbury obviously got his first taste of "boxing" while competing on the rinks but he really took on boxing when he got involved with Ice Wars.

Ice Wars International is an organization that take the two sports of hockey and boxing and ties them together. That's right. Boxing in ice skates on a mini ice rink. This is a sport where professional and semi-professional fighters fight on ice. This is a brand new sport that started in 2022 by President AJ Galante. Each bout has 2 one-minute rounds inside the mini ice rink where fighters work for a knockout or TKO stoppage with judges on hand to score if needed. Fighters wear gloves and everything else that a traditional hockey player would. This is an extreme sport like no other where each event is so unique and memorable. Amesbury is currently the Ice Wars International Heavyweight (205-235lbs) Champion with 540 points in accordance to the Ice Wars International point scoring system.

After Amesbury had this much success under the Ice Wars banner, his boxing potential was discovered and "Diamond Hands" made the decision to give his time and effort to boxing training on top of the time and energy he put into his professional hockey career already. Amesbury is a part of the team at Champs Boxing and trains with the professional, amateur, but overall high level athletes and trainers at Champs.

He made his boxing day debut on Rough N Rowdy 19 back in December of 2022 at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence. It was Diamond Hands (0-0) vs. Assassin King Zack Abel (3-1) that night. The bout lasted :10 seconds into the first round before the big right hand of Diamond Hands landed square to the jaw of Abel and put him unconscious. Diamond Hands and his team knew this was just the beginning to something special. Amesbury remained in the boxing gym while giving so much to the sport of hockey. He made his second Rough N Rowdy appearance this past Friday entering the ring at 1-0 across from Trace "Strawberry Cowboy" Roby. Amesbury put forth another impressive performance making a statement that his striking is high level and he is the one who deserves the Rough N Rowdy title. Amesbury tagged his opponent with great combinations before he landed to right side of the jaw and finished "The Strawberry Cowboy" by TKO. After his performance, "Diamond Hands" called out Bobby Laing and expressed how he's been wanting to make this fight happen for quite some time. Daniel Amesbury has his eyes set on the top and getting that RNR Championship.

Amesbury's Rough N Rowdy day debut KO over Assassin King. Via Rough N Rowdy Facebook

It will be exciting to see Amesbury in his next Rough N Rowdy appearance whether it's a title fight or not. He brings pure violence and excitement to each and every bout. It can be hockey, Ice Wars, or Rough N Rowdy, expect nothing but stunning performances.

Daniel "Diamond Hands" Amesbury Instagram: @ames2bury

Cover Photo Contributed By Mike Kennedy

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