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Fight Night Promotions Slapped with $22k Fine in Vermont

Last summer when Randy Felion was holding backyard "sparring matches" coined "VTBeefs" there were some rumblings that the state of Vermont wasn't happy, and was investigating the claims. Some 9 months later and it looks like the Vermont Office of Professional Regulation has come down hard on Felion, to the tune of a $22,500 fine for numerous violations - the largest penalty the head of the office has ever seen.

As first reported by, Felion is being levied the fine due to a number of violations that were outlined in the complaint filed by the Office of Professional Regulation. Felion was operating "Fight Night Promotions, LLC" without registering the entity with the state of Vermont and engaged in an unauthorized practice of a profession. Felion was also accused of putting the welfare of children in danger, as investigators witnessed children as young as 7 engage in grappling matches at his events. Although children's grappling matches aren't out of the norm, but if the kids do not have the proper training, then it is an issue. Lastly, Felion was also cited for conducting backyard style fights with fans in attendance last summer during a time where governor Tim Scott had limitations on gatherings. At least one of these backyard fights was held after the state of Vermont had given Felion a cease and desist order.

As recently as a few months ago Felion was on social media talking about he next upcoming Fight Night Promotions event, and that he had a date set but couldn't say anything yet. With this fine being levied I'd highly doubt that we'll see Fight Night Promotions back any time soon. I would also suspect that the state of Vermont will make it very difficult for him to conduct business within the sport moving forward due to these violations.

We've come a very long way since the days of Senator John McCain labeling the sport as "human cockfighting", but unfortunately there are some instances that set the sport back, and this seems to be one of them. Operating without proper business permits, without licensed medical personell on hand, and in backyards is not a good look, and only hurts the sport from progressing. Felion may have a love for this sport, but these state regulators don't care about your passion. They care about the safety of the combatants, and making sure that you are operating above board. Unfortunately, Felion didn't seem to care about either.

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