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Harris Bonfiglio is Looking to Climb the 135 Rankings in the Region

Connecticut's Harris Bonfiglio (4-1) is coming off of 2 recent impressive CES wins in the region, but he isn't satisfied. He's got his sights set on climbing the regional rankings within the bantamweight division. Bonfiglio is cool, calm, and collected, and is very strategic when it comes to his MMA journey. The 30 year old Ultimate MMA product has been extremely focused since his return after the Covid break, and he's turned many heads in his recent performances under the CES banner.

Bonfiglio is eyeing making a return to the cage in June, either under the CES banner or possibly Reality Fighting at Mohegan Sun. Keep his eye on this kid, as he's improving by leaps in bounds and is making his run at the big leagues in a quick fashion.

We recently caught up with Bonfiglio to get his thoughts on his recent success and what we should expect from him in the coming months.

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