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Ironman Grappling 4: Post Match Interviews and Results

While the boys (Jeff, Lars and Travis) took their talents to the South Shore last weekend for Cage Titans 55, our own Steve Domenico was on board at Ascension Athletics in Bristol, Connecticut as part of the media team invited to cover Ironman Grappling Championships 4. Take a look back at an incredible night of Snaps, Naps and Taps as Domenico catches up with the big winners following their matches at IGC IV last Saturday.


125 pounds - Joel Viera (10th Planet NYC) defeats Frank Astrab (Black Hole Jiu Jitsu) by Rear Naked Choke at 8:54.

155 pounds - Matt Baptiste (Ascension Athletics) defeats Robert Wingert (Connors MMA) by Fly Trap at 7:35.

140 pounds - Hardy Rodriguez (Ascension Athletics) defeats Alexander Caslano (10th Planet NYC) by Flying Triangle Armbar at 6:00.

135 pounds - Magro Kruckowski (Gracie Sports) defeats Gustavo Palma (Kings MMA) by Triangle at 8:17.

145 pounds - Thomas Wynosky (Whaling City Athletics) defeats Joseph Melon (Bancho MMA) by Armbar at 6:34.

135 pounds - Joel Vasquez (Bancho MMA) defeats Renan Quintanilla (Radium Martial Arts) by Kimura at 6:01.

145 pounds - Josh Lopes (Hyannis MMA) defeats Aaron Rodriguez (Ascension Athletics) by Decision 10:00 full time.

150 pounds - Robby Grillo (Ascension Athletics) defeats Alex Jojin (Copperhead Farms) by Kneebar at 8:52.

210 pounds - Spencer Manevich (Gracie Sports) defeats Quinten Pasley (Fighting Arts Academy) by Inside Heel Hook at 7:42.

180 pounds - Nikolay Todorov (New England United) defeats Sean Grady (Ascension Athletics) by Guillotine at 8:22.

180 pounds - Adrian Gonzalez (Tim Burrill BJJ) defeats Long Duong (International Training Center) by Estima Lock at 5:07.

Main Card

150 pounds - Luie Gomes (Fighting Arts Academy CT) defeats Jeff Haddad (Ascension Athletics) by Guillotine at 7:56.

145 pounds - Jacobo Apito (Back to Basics) defeats Joseph Melon (Bancho MMA) by Decision at 10:00 full time.

160 pounds - Rory Connors (Connors MMA) defeats Chih Kai Li (Broadway BJJ) by Rear Naked Choke at 8:13.

240 pounds - Kevin Wilcoxson (Endure BJJ) defeats Damien Roberts (Essential BJJ) by Guillotine at 4:04.

155 pounds - Jobany Rosario (Unity Jiu Jitsu) defeats CJ Cameron (Endure BJJ) by Head and Arm Choke from the Bottom at 7:59.

145 pounds - Mike Kimbel (Fighting Arts Academy CT) defeats Chris Milla (David Branch Academy) by Rear Naked Choke at 2:53.

180 pounds - Jamie Nottingham (The Jiu Jitsu Mill) defeats Will Cho (ITC) by Ankle Lock from 50/50 at 5:08.

170 pounds - Glenn Pierce (Ascension Athletics) defeats Chris Brown (Technique BJJ) by Heel Hook at 9:27.

185 pounds - Matteo Martinez (Essential BJJ) defeats Rasheed Perez (Renzo Gracie) by Inside Heel Hook at 8:19.

175 pounds - Gal Telem (Training Grounds BJJ) defeats Alex Seneco (Fighting Arts Academy CT) by Rear Naked Choke at 6:01.

Heavyweight - Dan Manasoiu (New Wave Jiu Jitsu) defeats William Knight (Thornton Martial Arts) by Decision at 10:00 full time, following restart after Heel Hook “Finish.”

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