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Jonathan Piersma (3-1) Is looking for his best performance yet at CFFC 111

CFFC 111 comes to Mississippi Friday July 29'th and Johnathan Piersma is ready to leave no questions in this fight! Coming off a close split decision loss back at CFFC 106 in March of this year, Piersma is ready to get back on the winning track and take another step towards the big leagues.

3 wins and 3 submission in his pro career, keep an eye on his ground game in this one! Jonathan is going into the last fight on his 3-fight contract with CFFC as well, so he plans on getting the finish and staying active after!

Tune in July 29th on UFC Fight Pass to see Jonathan get back in the cage against TJ Welch!

Watch below and let us know how you think this fight will end !


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