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NEF is back in Bangor! Preview the event & follow as The Combat Cowboy reports live

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

As the rest of the crew heads to Springfield, The Combat Cowboy is heading up north for NEF's Queen City Showdown. NEF has long been one of the best promotions in the area and continues to put on some of the best fights New England has to offer. The buzz is still ringing from the last event NEF:Heatwave which had more finishes then Ive ever seen on a card! They are back in Bangor tonight and New England MMA will be in the building!

3 Amateur MMA Fights start off the night, lets round them all up now!

Brett Martin fighting out of First Class MMA putting his 2-0 record on the line vs. Brandon Oldenburg 0-1 Fighting out of Vision Quest

LIVE RESULTS: Brett Martin comes out strong in the clinch and pushing the action against the cage and fires some knees right to the body. Both men trade off control before a huge slam from Martin send the action to the floor. Martin mounts Oldenburg & gets the finish from Ground & Pound!

Round 1 TKO

Kaleb Kenney (0-2) vs. Patrick Mitchell (0-0) Both men looking for that first win the 155 AM weight Class. Maine vs Maine in this Battle!

LIVE RESULTS: Round one had Mitchell in danger of a Triangle once it hit the ground but Pat stood his ground and landied some massive shots for most of the round while avoiding a triangle. Round 2 and 3 were dominated by Patrick getting Kaleb down and establishing top position. A lot of ground and pounds earned Mitchell 30-27 across the board

Unanimous Decision Patrick Mitchell

Jack Burke 1-1 Fighting out of Jackson Wink vs. David McCarty 1-2 out of Titan Athletics


Now the PRO's step into the cage!

Jimmy Jackson (0-0) out of Young's MMA vs. Aaron Hughes fighting out of Fall River mass (1-3) out of Regiment kicks off the pro fights!

Jimmy comes out as the crowd favorite but Hughes doesn't let that get to him at all. All out action from. both fighters with Hughes landing some massive kicks. The fight ends when Aaron Hughes lands a tight guillotine that wins at 1:41 of round number one.

SUBMISSION by Aaron Hughes Round 1

Nate Boucher (0-2) out of CMBJJ vs. Danny Maldonado fighting out of Brooklyn NY (0-4) take the stage next as both fights are looking for the first pro W

Both men establish there part in the center controlling distance until grappling initiates the takedown by Boucher. After a quick scramble Maldonado almost gets back to his feet and locks in a guillotine and gets the finish in an amazing ending as Boucher fights his way back to his feet and taps while standing up.

LIVE RESULTS : Round 1 submission Danny Maldonado

Danny seemed emotional after the fight as most of us would be after a fist fight but he went on to say that if he lost he might of retired, putting even more emphasis o this win. Congrats to Donny


Jacob Deppmeyer (2-0) out of First Class vs. Anthony Vasta (1-2) out of Defensive Edge has BANGER Written all over it!

Exactly as advertised!! Round 1 starts off with solid punches landed by both men. Almost looks like the ref jumps in and stops the fight after a punch send Deppmeyer to the ground but he battles back and delivers some heavy punches mixed with a few solid Knees that sends Vasta to the Ground. The ref jumps in and stops the fight after some solid Ground & Pound

4:51 TKO by Jacob Deppmeyer


Matt Denning (7-14) out of Denning MMA vs. Jordan Downey (8-9-1) out of Lee Brothers. Your Favorite fighters favorite fighter Denning is ready to throw down with Jordan who is a tough night out for anyone! Fight of the night written all over it!

Matt Denning comes out as the aggressor and gets the action going, he initiates a takedown but Downey lands on top. Denning is attempting to scramble back to his feet but Downey has the better positions and delivers enough blows to where Denning gets split open & the ref stops the fight.

Round 1 TKO: Jordan Downey


**CO MAIN EVENT - Ryan Sanders (19-9) out of Vision Quest vs. Stephen Stengel (4-18). 2 Men who will fight ANYONE will meet in the middle of the cage!

LIVE RESULTS : Stengal comes out attacking the body and rushing in with hooks while keeping his head low. He initiates the takedown and ends up on top of Sanders. Sanders is able to scramble and reverse position. Sanders lands some solid shots to the head and gets an arm in under the neck of Stengal. Lock in the RNC, ends the fight at 2:41 of round number 1

Winner by RNC Ryan Sanders

**MAIN EVENT - Glory Watson (3-1) out of Young's MMA vs. Gabby "Daddy" Gulfin (5-4) out of Class One. Battle tested Gabby comes out over from New York to challenge one of Maine's most popular fighter Glory Watson in a fight that the crowd will definitely be pumped for!

Solid body kicks from Glory gets that action going as the fighters circle the cage and Gabby shorts in for a Takedown and lands it. As gabby is on top glory is doing good at controlling damage and scrambling to fight to get back to her feet. The crowd erupts as Glory fights her way back to the fence, back to her feet, and boom a takedown by Watson! Watson controls the rest of round on top. The fans are pumped. Round 2 coming up

A touch of the gloves starts the round and both warriors come out figuring lefts and rights. Glory lands a solid elbow standing up that drops Gabby. Gabby is able to grab the leg and get the takedown. Glory is working from the bottom trying to lock in the triangle. Glory is able to get to her feet again and land a few shots before the round ends. Close fight so far.

Smiles from both warriors loving what they do as they enter the third round both showcasing their striking skills for the first minute until the fighters hit the mat and a grappling battle ensues that has both fighters on top at different times. The town can hear the arena roaring out with chants of GLORY GLORY GLORY as the fight comes to an end. Very close match as the crowd waits in anticipation for the decision

Glory Watson by Split Decision!!!!


These fighters came to put on a show. Congrats to NEF for bringing another Banger to Bangor! *Use that for the next event name up there*

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