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PFL Championship NYC Live Results

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

PFL Championships goes down tonight at Madison Square Garden in the Big Apple. 6 million dollars up for grabs across 6 title fights with a stacked preliminary card too. Let's have a good night of fights!!


Biaggio Ali Walsh vs. Tom Graesser (Amateur Lightweight)

Round 1: Ali comes out striking and lands a couple heavy shots to start. A front kick drops Grasser but Ali Walsh lets him back up. Ali Walsh tags him up a few times and lands one big shot to put Graesser out completely.

Result: Biaggio Ali Walsh wins by KO :45 seconds into Round 1.


Dakota Ditcheva vs. Katherine Corogenes (Women's Flyweight)

Round 1: Leg kicks from Ditcheva to open the round. Up kicks to the body follow. They both engage in a striking exchange before Corogenes decides she wants to work the clinch. Dakota gets Corogenes to the ground and takes full mount. She lands some hammer fists before she gets back on her feet and threatens Dicheva as she lays on her back trying to avoid kicks from the standing Corogenes. Dicheva pushes Corogenes into the cage and they begin to work the clinch again. Dakota gets out and begins to strike, and lands a heavy shot to put her opponent unconscious. Brutal KO's to open this card!!

Result: Dakota Ditcheva wins by KO 4:20 into Round 1.