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PFL Championship NYC Live Results

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

PFL Championships goes down tonight at Madison Square Garden in the Big Apple. 6 million dollars up for grabs across 6 title fights with a stacked preliminary card too. Let's have a good night of fights!!


Biaggio Ali Walsh vs. Tom Graesser (Amateur Lightweight)

Round 1: Ali comes out striking and lands a couple heavy shots to start. A front kick drops Grasser but Ali Walsh lets him back up. Ali Walsh tags him up a few times and lands one big shot to put Graesser out completely.

Result: Biaggio Ali Walsh wins by KO :45 seconds into Round 1.


Dakota Ditcheva vs. Katherine Corogenes (Women's Flyweight)

Round 1: Leg kicks from Ditcheva to open the round. Up kicks to the body follow. They both engage in a striking exchange before Corogenes decides she wants to work the clinch. Dakota gets Corogenes to the ground and takes full mount. She lands some hammer fists before she gets back on her feet and threatens Dicheva as she lays on her back trying to avoid kicks from the standing Corogenes. Dicheva pushes Corogenes into the cage and they begin to work the clinch again. Dakota gets out and begins to strike, and lands a heavy shot to put her opponent unconscious. Brutal KO's to open this card!!

Result: Dakota Ditcheva wins by KO 4:20 into Round 1.


Magomed Magomedkerimov vs. Gleison Tibau (Welterweight)

Round 1: Slow start to Round 1 as these guys begin to feel each other out. Action begins around the 3 minute mark. Gleison tries for a takedown but is stuffed. Magomed lands a leg kick. Magomed's takedown attempt is stuffed. Magomed taps the face of Gleison up a few times before the bell rings. Very slow round, not very much happened but 10-9 Magomed.

Round 2: Gleison gets a takedown to start. Magomed makes it back to his feet and they work the clinch. Magomed tries for a huge head kick but misses. Body shot from Magomed. Magomed lands a nice combo of kicks and punches. Striking of Magomed looks real, real solid. 10-9 Magomed once again.

Round 3: Gleison gets a takedown. Both men working in the clinch. They separate again and begin striking. Magomed gets a takedown himself. They clinch up again after a striking exchange. Magomed has the dominant position and works some knees and body shots from the clinch. They pick up the intensity with 30 seconds left as both throw heavy combos until the bell rings. The power and striking of Magomed was impressive.

Result: Magomed Magomedkerimov wins by UD, 30-27.


Natan Schulte vs. Jeremy Stephens (Lightweight)

Round 1: Kicks from Schulte immediately. He takes Stephens to the mat immediately after. Schulte works from the top and tries to lock in an arm triangle choke. He's definitely got some pressure on it but Stephens keeps trying to work out of it. Stephens works out of it as Schulte attempts the choke again. Stephens once again rolls out and Schulte takes the back and tries to find a submission. He takes the back of Stephens and tries for a RNC but once again the defense of Stephens is there. These two make it up to their feet in the final seconds and Stephens explodes on Schulte, landing some nice shots. 10-9 Schulte.

Round 2: Stephens comes out with some kicks and punches. Schulte goes for the takedown and gets it. Schulte works from the top as he's in full mount. Stephens gets some space but Schulte jumps right back on top and takes the mount. Schulte sets up another arm triangle and Stephens taps seconds after.

Result: Natan Schulte wins by submission (arm triangle) in Round 2.


Sheymon Moraes vs. Marlon Moraes (Bantamweight)

Round 1: Marlon opens with some striking. Marlon gets the takedown and works for full mount. Sheymon controlling the arms well. They get back up. Marlon throwing some HEAVY shots on the feet. Marlon lands a straight jab to the face. Slow rest of the round, some small touches to each. 10-9 Marlon.

Round 2: These two begin a striking exchange to start Round 2. Marlon goes for the double leg and gets it. Sheymon seeks to keep the distance between the two small on the ground. Marlon works from the top. Sheymon tries to land some short shots from the bottom. Sheymon wiggles himself out from under Marlon and we return to the feet. Marlon looks for a takedown but the cage catches Sheymon. 10-9 Marlon.

Round 3: Sheymon throws some hay makers early on. Sheymon drops Marlon ferociously, and finishes Marlon via TKO very quickly. What a turn around on behalf of Sheymon.

Result: Sheymon Moraes wins via TKO :58 into Round 1.


Omari Akhmedov vs. Rob Wilkinson (Light Heavyweight Championship)

Round 1: Omari connects with a leg kick early on. Rob catches Omari and drops him but Omari gets back to his feet. These two light heavyweights are goin' at it here in Round 1. Omari goes for a takedown but he's stuffed. Rob is putting it on Omari on the feet heavily. He's tallied up a good amount of knock downs. A heavy striking exchange has Omari hurt pretty bad and Wilkinson lands a huge flying knee in the final seconds. What a crazy round. 10-9 Rob Wilkinson.

Round 2: Round 2 starts with some heavy shots on the feet as both of these guys are swinging HUGE. Rob lands a beautiful combo to the face and body of Omari. The fact that Omari is still here is insanity. The fight gets to the canvas as Rob Wilkinson works from the top before letting his opponent back to his feet. Wilkinson lands a nice uppercut to the chin. An eye poke from Rob Wilkinson pauses the fight for a few minutes. The face of Omari is real beat up now. Wilkinson is laying it on Omari making this an absolute blood bath late in the second round. . I cannot explain how Omari is still conscious and in this fight. 10-8 Wilkinson.

Result: Rob Wilkinson defeats Omari Akmedov by doctor stoppage after the second round and becomes the 2022 PFL Light Heavyweight Champion.


Dilano Taylor vs. Sadibou Sy (Welterweight Championship)

Round 1: Both fighters begin to find their range and distance early on. Sy lands a kick to the thigh of Taylor. Sy is landing those thigh kicks a little more here and there. Slow round without much action as these fighters prepare for championship rounds. 10-9 Sy.

Round 2: Big overhand from Taylor to start things off. Then some leg kicks. Small skirmishes here and there nothing significant for a few minutes. Now, these two are in the clinch with Sy's back against the cage. They free up. The preparation for championship rounds continues as we go to Round 3. Close, close round. 10-9 Sy.

Round 3: Another slow start. The crowd boo's looking for more of a fight. These two fire some leg kicks around the 3 minute mark. Sy is fighting almost like Michael Venom Page (Bellator) and his style. Another really slow and "lame" round. 10-9 Sy.

Round 4: Taylor is more active in the first minute knowing he's likely down three rounds to none. They end up in the clinch then separate. Each fighter throws some kicks and punches and the crowd demands more. They start to throw some bigger shots but the bell sounds. 10-9 Sy.

Round 5: Dilano Taylor needed this energy from the beginning. He's bringing more of a fight now in hopes of equalizing something. The urgency is there as they go back and fourth. The crowd chants "This is boring" and I absolutely agree. Dilano is trying to make up for the lack of offense earlier in the fight. What a weird scrap for a welterweight belt AND a million dollars. 10-9 Sy.

Result: Sadibou Sy wins via UD, 49-46 and becomes the 2022 PFL Welterweight Champion.


Stevie Ray vs. Oliver Aubin-Mercier (Lightweight Championship)

Round 1: Fighters begin to find their range and distance. Ray tries for a takedown but comes up short and the fight goes into the clinch for a quick minute before they separate. Leg kicks back and fourth. A leg kick from Mercier collapses Ray and he gets back up quick. The fight ends up in the clinch again then separates. Mercier's calf kicks are on point. 10-9 Mercier.

Round 2: Ray gets a takedown early by picking Mercier up and dumping him on the canvas. Ray has got the back of Mercier and gets his hooks in too. Now he's locking in a body triangle and threatening Mercier with an RNC submission. Mercier's defense is tough. Mercier gets to his feet and strips Ray off, creating distance on the feet. They exchange kicks and punches and OH MY GOD. Mercier lands a huge right hand to the chin of Stevie Ray to shut off the lights completely.

Result: Oliver Aubin-Mercier wins via KO at 4:40 in Round 2 and becomes the 2022 PFL Men's Lightweight Champion.


Julia Budd vs. Aspen Ladd (Womans Featherweight)

Round 1: These two begin feeling each other out to find their range. Ladd catches the up-kick of Budd and takes her to the ground. Ladd sinks in some hooks and takes control of the back. Ladd begins to throw some ground and pound. Ladd remains in control as she has the back of Budd. Julia Budd transitions and rolls to get the top position just before Ladd does the same and regains her top mount. 10-9 Ladd.

Round 2: Budd begins throwing combinations and Ladd moves into the clinch. Budd pins her up against the cage and tries to mix in some knees. Ladd adjusts and brings the back of Budd to the fence and these two work the clinch for the remainder. 10-9 Ladd.

Round 3: They come out swinging. Both ladies land some nice shots. Ladd tries for the takedown but it turns more into a clinch and break. Julia Budd lands some nice shots to the face of Ladd. Ladd attempts a takedown again but it's stuffed by the defense of Budd.

Result: Aspen Ladd wins via split decision. (29-28 x2)


Ante Delija vs. Matheus Scheffel (Heavyweight Championship)

Round 1: They begin to find the reach and distance. Both fighters throwing combinations here early on. These fighters end up working into the clinch and breaking shortly after. Delija lands one big shot that hurts Scheffel and Ante Delija knows it. He puts together a beautiful combination that sends Scheffel to the canvas and Ante Delija immediately follows up with the ground and pound before Dan Miragliotta waves this one off.

Result: Ante Delija wins via TKO at 2:50 into Round 1 and becomes the 2022 PFL Heavyweight Champion.


Brendan Loughnane vs. Bubba Jenkins (Mens Featherweight Championship)

Round 1: Bubba comes out firing. Brandan fires a calf kick. Bubba tries for a takedown but Brendan runs away from it. Bubba lands one up high and goes for an immediate takedown which then turns into a clinch. They free up and work on the feet. The crowd starts an electric "Let's go Bubba" chant. They continue to work on the feet. Bubba clocks Brendan with some shots up high and shortly thereafter, the bell rings. 10-9 Bubba.

Round 2: They begin a striking as soon as they meet in the center of the cage. They go back and fourth trading looks and shots. Both fighters look solid. We've got a great round here, nothing extraordinary but some good striking exchanges through the first 3.5 mins. Brendan lands a mean groin shot with :07 to go. This puts a pause on the fight so that Bubba can recover. The fight resumes and the animosity in the cage at this point is real. 10-9 Brendan.

Round 3: The hostility remains. these guys have it out for each other as they trade shots and kicks in the center of the cage. Bubba connects with some nice shots to the head. Brendan throws a combination of his own. Brendan catches a kick and follows up with an overhand. Two minutes to go. These men still trading blows and being very active with their kicks as well. Brendan lands some punches to the head of Bubba and follows up with a knee before the bell. 10-9 Brendan.

Round 4: Once again, they meet in the middle throwing some shots to start. Brendan tries a kick but Bubba catches it and they break. They resume trading, Brendan doing more damage than Bubba at this time. The calf kicks are strong on Brendan's behalf. Brendan puts together a beautiful combination and rips a right cross through the jaw of Bubba Jenkins, sending him into the canvas. Bubba tries to scramble but Brendan jumps on top of him and lets the ground and pound rain. One hell of a fight.

Result: Brendan Loughnane wins via TKO at -- into Round 4. Loughnane becomes the 2022 PFL Men's Featherweight Champion.


Kayla Harrison vs. Larissa Pacheco (Womens Lightweight Championship)

Round 1: Body kicks and leg kicks from Harrison to start. Kayla takes Larissa Pacheco to the mat immediately and works to get her full mount. Harrison gets Pacheco on her back against the cage so that she has nowhere to go. Kayla is very heavy on top doing as much damage as she can with her hands. Not much else going on in this round other than Kayla doing what she does best on the ground. 10-9 Harrison.

Round 2: A leg kick from Pacheco drops Kayla but she returns right to her feet. Kayla lands a head kick. Harrison tries for a takedown but Pacheco stuffs that. The fight gets to the mat and Pacheco attempts a D'Arce that the crowd thought she had. Kayla rolls out of it and the fight goes back into a clinch on the feet. Harrison and Pacheco each turn each other into the cage right before they break. Harrison and Pacheco stand and bang, both throwing some shots with power. 10-9 Pacheco.

Round 3: Harrison attempts a takedown and after a scramble, she gets it. She ends up in the top position on top of Pacheco. They stay on the ground as both fighters do what they can to cause damage. Pacheco sinks in a triangle choke. Harrison strips it once but finds Pacheco trying it again. This attempt wasn't as "serious". Kayla works out of it and gets the back of Pacheco after a scramble with 1:30 to go. Pacheco turns over and ends up on her back with Harrison on top. Harrison lets some ground and pound go before Pacheco gets control of her wrists. The bell sounds. 10-9 Harrison.

Round 4: Both fighters take the center. Harrison gets a takedown and tries to improve her position on top. Larissa Pacheco gets back up and ends up on the back of Harrison for a quick second before Kayla transitions. After some back and fourth action, Pacheco ends up on top of Harrison and they go back and fourth on the ground. What a back and fourth round. 10-9 Harrison.

Round 5: They return to the center, striking before they end up in the clinch once again. Kayla looks for a takedown but it's not there. The defense Pacheco when it comes to takedowns looks pretty decent. Pacheco takes the back trying for submissions but Harrison gets herself out of the dangerous position. Kayla ends up on top and works to get better position. 10-9 Harrison.

Result: LaRissa Pacheco wins via UD (48-47) and becomes the 2022 PFL Women's Featherweight Champion.

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