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Remembering a Legend in the sport - Stephan Bonnar

There have been a bunch of milestones that jump off the page when thinking back about what helped this sport become what it is. A few of them are the infamous Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz rivalry, The way Gracies made Jiu Jitsu explode in popularity , and The Ultimate Fighter 1 Finale. Also have to mention the Infamous Conor Mcgregor and the millions of new fans he brought himself. A lot of those new fans might have not ever heard the nickname "The American Psycho". Here's a little glimpse of what he did.

History is made by people willing to put it all on the line and thats exactly what Stephan Bonnar did back in 2005. The UFC and MMA were trying to become mainstream and The Ultimate Fighter was the launch pad. Being able to see a different side of the fighters intrigued alot of viewers. Fighters were living in the same house, being recorded 24/7 and it was a hit!

Stephan headlined the first ever Finale versus Forrest Griffin. Rumor is immediately after the fight, the Broadcast Network Spike TV came right up to Dana and wanted to resign another season. Bonnar put on a show that would help launch UFC into what it is today.

Throughout his career Bonnar fought the best including Anderson Silva, Mark Coleman, Tito Ortiz, and even the current UFC superstar Jon Jones.

Stephan "The American Psycho" Bonnar passed away on De ember 22,2022. RIP to one of the legends in the history of mixed martial arts.

Click below to watch a highlight reel recently created by the UFC.

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