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Ross Levine Earns Karate Combat Middleweight Title Shot with Second Round TKO

Travis Lizotte "Full Contact Writer"

Fighting out of Brooklyn, New York but a mainstay on the New England Combat Sports circuit Ross "Turbo" Levine (6-0) made no bones about the fact that he had one goal in mind when he signed to fight for the New York, New York based Karate Combat following his stint with Glory Kickboxing. That goal; becoming the Karate Combat Middleweight Champion. Well Levine took one step closer to making that goal a reality Saturday night when he lined up across from the heavy right hand of Igor "The Iberian Bull" De Castaneda (3-3) with a shot at Middleweight Champion Shahin Atamov (4-1) on the line.

It was evident early that Levine's scouting report for De Castaneda was on point, Levine used constant feints to back "The Iberian Bull" into the corners of the pit where he landed well timed kicks, fending off De Castaneda's attack for the duration of the first round. In the second round Ross continued to keep Igor on his back foot, eventually landing a left hand to the forehead of the Spainiard backing him to the pit wall where "Turbo" unleashed a hellish Heel Kick that found its mark. Once the heel of Levine made flush contact with the skull of De Castaneda the referee had seen enough, saving him from further punishment.

Check out the entire fight video below and stay tuned to New England MMA as we learn more about Ross Levine's impending showdown with Shahin Atamov for the Karate Combat Middleweight Title

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