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Sarro Moves on to His 5th Opponent - BKFC 11

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Chris "Golden Gloves" Sarro has now been paired with his 5th different opponent for the upcoming BKFC 11 card in Oxford, MS. In news that broke on Friday, Sarro and his management were made aware of Billy "The Kid" Martin being deemed unable to compete due to an existing medical suspension with the Florida State Boxing Commission. This news only one week out from fight night is not what you want to hear as a prepared fighter. Travis Lizotte and Sarro finally heard back from BKFC this morning with a new opponent for "Golden Gloves".

Detroit, Michigan based MMA fighter, Victor Jones (5-12), will be the unlucky foe to step in the squared-circle with Sarro. The journeyman MMA fighter has a combined 60 amateur and professional fights under his belt, so don't expect him to bail out of this one last minute. It's crazy to think about Jones having competed in 60 MMA fights and he's only 32 years old! The guy obviously has a ton of combat experience, but he doesn't hold anywhere near the power or speed in which Sarro does in his hands. Jones will be a game opponent, and that's exactly what Sarro needs at this point in his career.

This has been a crazy ride for Sarro to get to this point, only 6 days from show time, as he's been on a merry-go-round of opponents since first agreeing to the fight months ago. He started with Rob Morrow, moved on to Adrian Miles, had a cup of coffee with Quinton Henry, talked a little trash with Billy Martin, and now his death-touch right hand will hopefully get introduced to Victor Jones come next Friday night down south under the bright lights. Regardless of opponent in front of him, Sarro has been steadfast that whomever is in front of him will encounter a violent demise.

Make sure to set your alarms for next Friday night and tune in as Chris "Golden Gloves" Sarro takes one step closer to bare knuckle greatness!

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