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Scrap to the Future: Tayler Mears vs. Mike Bezanson

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Scrap to the Future is a series that looks back on memorable fights in New England over the years. We talk with the fighters involved, get some perspective on the fight, and rewatch the scrap.

At a fourth of July party in New Hampshire a few years back, Mike Bezanson and Tayler Mears wouldn't have thought that they'd be kicking the shit out of each other in late November of 2019 locked inside the Combat Zone cage. But that's exactly what happened.

Bezanson and Mears first met in person at that party a few years ago. They made small talk, chatted about training and MMA, and had a pretty standard conversation. Their paths crossed again in Manchester, New Hampshire on November 23rd, 2019 when Jerome Brashears, Calvin Kattar, and the boys at Combat Zone asked the two to dance for the fans at the Radisson. The both obliged, and the date was set. It would be for the vacant Combat Zone amateur welterweight (170) belt, and would be one of the showcase fights in front of the raucous New Hampshire crowd.

I happened to be a judge for this fight sitting cage side, and this one sticks out in my mind because of the back and forth nature of it. Both guys threw, both guys received, and it was a banger! I remember turning to my friend sitting next to me and saying, "This is a high-level amateur contest"! And to this day I still feel that this is one of the most entertaining, high-level amateur fights that I've seen in some time.

I was able to catchup with both fighters and get some commentary on the training leading up to the fight, the scrap itself, and where they are in their MMA careers.

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