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Shane Manley Shot While Disarming Gunman in Syracuse

Sometimes MMA nicknames can be corny, but there are those rare times when a nickname truly personifies the fighter in the cage. Truer words cannot be spoken today when we talk about Shane "Super" Manley. His nickname of "Super" blends nicely with his last name of Manley, and you quickly have an image of a superhero competing inside the cage. Well, early Sunday morning in Syracuse, New York is when Manley lived up to his superhero billing inside the cage and became a real-life superhero outside of it.

Manley, who works as a security guard at Upstate University Hospital by day and at Orange Crate Brewing Company by night, was attempting to breakup an altercation by two patrons outside of the entrance of his night gig, and was preventing the gunman from entering the establishment when he was shot in the stomach by one of the men. Manley was taken to a nearby hospital where he underwent emergency surgery and had a successful follow up surgery this afternoon.

The gunman is now in custody on charges of possession of a stolen weapon as the police review video of the shooting in order to charge him with Manley's shooting as well. There is word that the triggerman may be a local amateur boxer, and that Manley was not his intended target.

"Super" Manley (5-5) has been a regular within the New England region over the years, competing for CES (3), NEF (2), and Cage Titans (1) over the last 10 years. He's taken on some of the regions stiffest competition during his career; beating Dylan Lockard and Jeff Perez to a name a few. His grinding, gritty style will come in handy for the biggest fight of his life; the road to recovery over the coming months.

This is one of those rare times that we can reflect on and agree that a MMA nickname is 100% accurate. Shane Manley made a selfless decision to intervene in a tense situation in hopes of diffusing it. His actions protected numerous people inside the bar, and you can see their gratitude within the comments of his GoFundMe that has been setup by Shane's girlfriend in an effort to help pay for medical costs, lost wages, and all of the other expenses that will be incurred during Shane's road to recovery. Heal up champ. You got some more fighting to do inside the cage.

You can donate to a true hero through the link below.

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