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The Room Podcast: Summer 2020 Call Outs & Potential Matchups

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

The boys from New England MMA chat about recent call outs and potential matchups that the rankings have been generating. Bessette/Boyington, Giannetti/Andrews, Hylton/King, Barry/Manning, and Raposo/Mima are a few of the potential fights we cover. 9th ranked heavyweight Ras Hylton (5-4) also stops by and chats about his hatred for 6th ranked Tyler King (12-8) that burns hotter than a thousand suns! The normally calm "Rasquatch" pulls no punches when discussing his relationship with King, and how he'd like to "leave him in a gutter" if given the opportunity. The gauntlet has been thrown! Tyler King - your move!

Check out the full interview with Ras, and our breakdown of potential matchups that we may see once fights start back up in the near future.