Cage Titans 48: Live Play-By-Play Results

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Travis Lizotte "Full Contact Writer"

The wait is over New England MMA fans, so much build up has lead us to this point and we have been waiting so long to say this; We Are Cageside here at Plymouth Memorial Hall in Plymouth, Massachusetts for Cage Titans 48. The layoff is over, the bans have been lifted, the fighters are ready and we are ready! Follow this article throughout the night for live up to the round coverage of all the action going down here on Plymouth Rock at Cage Titans 48: Shainis vs. Williams.

Adel Lolic (0-1) vs. Josh Haglof (1-0)

175 lbs (Muay Thai)


Here we go New England MMA fans combat sports in New England is back and if you were wondering what the answer to the trivia questions would be Adel Lolic from Underdog MMA is the first fighter to enter the Cage Titans cage post-covid 19 and he welcomes Josh Haglof for three rounds of Amateur Muay Thai action.

Round 1: They touch gloves and Haglof lands sharp kicks early leading to a slip and they return to range. Lolic however initiates the clinch and gets in some good work before Haglof slips to the canvas and they slug it out to end the round.

10-9 Lolic.

Round 2: Lolic continues to come forward looking to fight in the clinch, Haglof lands some nice strikes at distance before Lolic clinches again they separate and Lolic goes down. On the restart Lolic lands a nice combination that has Haglof in trouble at the bell.

10-9 Lolic.

Round 3: Lolic comes out in the third looking to finish his business but Haglof returns some heavy fire of his own before Lolic clinches and looks to land leather. Fighters trade pushkicks and Lolic returns with more heavy fire as Lolic looks to be running away with this one. As the fight draws to a close Haglof lands a right and is answered by more bombs by Lolic.

10-9 Lolic.

Decision: Adel Lolic defeats Josh Haglof by majority decision (29-28 Lolic, 29-29, 29-28)

Jake Caskey (0-0) vs. Dan Walsh (0-1)

Amateur Featherweight


Round 1: These guys came out hot and heavy trading high volume combinations and leg kicks before a groin shot by Walsh stops the heated action for a moment, giving the massive Walsh contingent a minute to catch their breath. The groin shot didn't slow Caskey long as he comes out firing on the restart but Walsh is starting to pick his spots as the round comes to a close.

10-9 Caskey.

Round 2: Walsh sprints across the cage to start the second and he is greeted with firepower from Caskey. Now Walsh lands heavy and Caskey shoots for the double leg takedown and he gets it. Walsh goes deep with an armbar attempt but Caskey defends and lands some ground and pound before giving his back and eventually getting mounted by Walsh. Walsh rains down heavy ground and pound for the thunderous finish in one of the better Amateur fights I've seen since Pat Gilbride vs. Chris Sniger! What a fucking WAR! The crowd is already blowing the roof off this building.

Decision: Dan Walsh defeats Jake Caskey by TKO at 2:26 into the second round by Ground and Pound.

Miguel Sevasin (0-2) vs. Peter McLeod-Warrick (Debut)

Amateur Lightweight


Round 1: Warrick comes out with a push kick and Miguel backs him to the cage with a brutal combination as he looks to work the takedown against the fence. Peter gets his distance back and Miguel tags him on the chin with a right hand before once again clinching against the fence. Warrick turns the action briefly before moving back to distance. Sevasin once again looks to back Warrick up with a five punch combination with every shot landing on the chin of Warrick and Peter goes down in a heap.

Decision: Miguel Sevasin defeats Peter Warrick by Knockout at 1:55 of the very first round!

Erica Valentin (Debut) vs. Ashley Barrett (1-1)

Women’s Amateur Strawweight


Round 1:Erica come out behind the jab and knocks Ashley to the ground, but Ashley rolls into an armbar and there is no escaping this its deep. Erica tries to defend but its too deep and Alan Lau calls a stop to the bout to save Erica from further injury.

Decision: Ashley Barrett defeats Erica Valentin by technical submission armbar in just :19 seconds.

Bobby Homer (0-0) vs. Jack Congdon (2-0)

Amateur Welterweight


Round 1: Congdon comes out with a kick and Homer catches it and dumps him but both guys return to their feet. Congdon lands some heavy shots that back Homer up and drop him. Jack hops on top and bangs him out in quick fashion. Jack Congdon improves to 3-0 this guys is the real deal!

Decision: Jack Congdon defeats Bobby Homer at :59 seconds in the first round by TKO.

Randy Francis (5-7) vs. Tyrime Da Silva (2-0)

Amateur Featherweight


Round 1: Francis comes out with a combination and DaSilva initiates the clinch and lands a big left hook on the break. Francis looks to slow the action and presses Tyrime to the cage where he looks for knees but Tyrime circles out and Randy shoots again for another double leg but is stuffed. Tyrime returns to the center of the cage but not for long as his back is again against the fence. DaSilva uses striking to separate but Francis is on top of him as the first round come to a close.

Close round 10-9 Francis.

Round 2: Francis comes out with a leg kick and they scramble on the cage where DaSilva takes Francis' back standing and trips him to the canvas where he forces Randy to tap to a deep Rear Naked Choke.

Decision: Tyrime DaSilva submits Randy Francis by Rear Naked Choke at :27 seconds of the seconds round. Tyrime DaSilva calls out Shane Dougherty for his Cage Titans Amateur Featherweight strap. That fight may take place on the next Cage Titans card in August.

Jeff Joy (Pro Debut) vs. Rob Fuller (1-11)

Catchweight (140 lbs)

Jeff Joy

Age: 30

Fighting out of: Bourne, Massachusetts

Affiliation: Juniko/ Loco Lobo

Record: Pro Debut (4-0 as Amateur, Cage Titans Amateur Bantamweight Champion))

Last fight: Second Round Submission (Rear Naked Choke) victory over Kam Arnold at Cage Titans 45. (08/24/19)

“Cornflakes” Rob Fuller

Age: 40

Fighting out of: Denver, Colorado

Affiliation: Team Fuller

Record: 1-11 (1 Knockout)

Last fight: First Round TKO (Standing Elbows) loss to Anvar Boynazarov at Combat Night Pro 20. (03/13/21)


Round 1: Rob comes out with a couple sharp leg kicks and is looking to touch Jeff early. Joy fires an overhand right and these guys are showing respect for one another. Joy shoots for the takedown and with some resistance by Fuller he gets it briefly before Rob returns to his feet. Jeff takes the back drops to the canvas, digs in the hooks and sinks in his patented Rear Naked Choke for the tap.

Decision: Jeff Joy submits Rob Fuller with a Rear Naked Choke at 1:59 seconds of the first round.

Connor Matthews (3-0) vs. Jay Ellis (15-97)


Connor “The Controller” Matthews

Age: 29

Fighting out of: Freetown, Massachusetts

Affiliation: Lauzon MMA

Record: 3-0 (1 Knockout, 2 Submissions)

Last fight: First Round Submission (Rear Naked Choke) victory over Josh Marer at CES 61: Gotti vs. Alley. (10/14/20)

Jay "The Silent Assassin" Ellis

Age: 37

Fighting out of: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Affiliation: Neutral Ground

Record: 15-97 (1 Knockout, 12 Submissions)

Last Fight: First Round Knockout loss to Angelo Trevino at Empire FC 12 (06/26/21)


Round 1: Ellis starts with a jab and looks for the takedown, Connor slings him aside and hops on top of Ellis looking for ground and pound before Ellis closes up his guard and looks to survive. With a little work Matthews postures up and lands some shots that briefly break the guard of Ellis. Jay pushes Connor off with his butterfly, Connor hops back to the mat and Jay give up his back to avoid further damage but Connor sinks in the Rear Naked Choke for the tap.

Decision: Connor Matthews submits Jay Ellis at 2:21 of the first round by Rear Naked Choke.

Zach DiSabatino (6-2) vs. Anthony Facchini (6-5)


Zach “The Ripper” DiSabatino

Age: 27

Fighting out of: Marshfield, Massachusetts

Affiliation: South Shore Sportfighting

Record: 6-2 (4 Knockouts, 2 Submissions)

Last fight: First Round Knockout victory over Kris Berberich at Cage Titans 47. (01/25/20)

Anthony “Parmesan” Facchini

Age: 35

Fighting out of: Marlboro, New Jersey

Affiliation: Team Oliveira

Record: 6-5 (1 Knockout, 4 Submissions)

Last fight: Unanimous Decision loss to Andrew Salas at Ring of Combat 69. (09/13/19)


Round 1: Facchini lands first with a calf kick as these guys look to find their range. Facchini throws an overhand and Zach changes levels and lands the take down. DiSab moves to side control as Facchini holds on to a guillotine. Zach looks to soften up the New Jersey native with some knees from side control. Anthony gives his back and takes some shots to get back up before being dumped again by DiSab. Zach works from half guard posturing up and landing some shots before looking to further position. Facchini once again gives the back to get up and is once again dumped by Zach. DiSab works from side control but Facchini stands as the 10 second warning sounds.

10-8 DiSabatino

Round 2: Anthony starts the second with more calf kicks but eats a combination from DiSab for his troubles. Facchini is fighting behind his jab now trying to weather the onslaught of punches and knees being handed out by Zach. Zach backs Facchini to the cage where he takes him down once again and looks to pass the guard. Zach passes the guard and Facchini looks to reverse position but Zach ends up back on top. Facchini eats some more shots as he tries to once again return to his feet but DiSab is not giving him any room to breath. Facchini works back to his feet but Zach has the seatbelt and uses it to put him back on the canvas where the round ends.

10-9 DiSabatino.

Round 3: Between round the cage side doctor looks at a cut over the right eye of Facchini but we continue with the third round and its Facchini who gets the huge double leg takedown this time